Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Arena Season

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Posted Bounty: Carnis Rinor
Description: After some internal intrigue within the Hutt council caused Aljool the Hutt to hate one of his peers more then usual this week. Aljool the Hutt wants to take revenge on his Hutt rival, but also make a profit, and has bet heavily against Carnis Rinor, his rival’s top gladiator in an upcoming Arena game (through proxies to avoid suspicion, but obvious enough to ensure his rival gets the message without being able to act against him). The match is just a short trip up to Nar Shaada.
Reward: 5,000 Dead

The Hunters of the Noble Rose have entered into the Nar Shaada underground arena league, a vicious tournament of cutthroat fighting. While the events are highly dangerous, and while many of the entrants who attempt the first few games are killed, the Hutts typically look down on the straight out murder of their real gladiators, and this would make the killing of Carnis Rinor a problem. But the group purchased a vile poison, one they intended to use against the gladiator, but first, they needed to survive the savage preliminary rounds of the tournament.

First, the group faced off against a massive insect-like creature kept by the Hutts for these arena games, and which the group mercilessly destroyed. Next came waves of Battle Droids, gladiator droids built with various weapons and devices to cut up those who entered the arena, but they too were destroyed by the group. As the Hunters turned to the audience they were surprised to see that they were sleeping, a strange gas filtering through the crowd. Amidst the crowd, several jet packed assailants launched into the arena, these assassins approached the group and, rather then attacking, prepared a hologram transmission from Underlord Duepos. The head of Black Sun wished to hire the hunters of the Noble Rose, for a hunt. If they accepted, they were to meet at the coordinates he provided, at the time he designated. With that, the assassins departed, and soon, the audience awoke, confused, but ready for more carnage, and the games continued.

The finale of the tournament was a the final battle against the Hunters of the Noble Rose, and the reigning champions led by Carnis Rinor. The two groups battled, and with the application of a well placed poison, they ensured the death of Carnis Rinor would occur, but the Hunters would go on to defeat Carnis Rinor’s team, winning the prize and claiming their bounty.

Now, they prepared to move on, looking forward to their meeting with Underlord Duepos… but first, an emergency message reached them from the past, the father of Lieutenant Martell, Admiral Martell wished to meet with the Hunters, to make amends to his son. With enough time before their meeting with Black Sun, the Noble Rose changed course.



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