Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

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Once You've Swam in Poo Water, it's Not Like the Day Can Get Any Worse

As the Core worlds fought the devastating battle of Coruscant that decided the fate of the system, Darth Krayt dead and the Sith Empire collapsed, ODIN waited and watched, keeping an eye on the political atmosphere of the Core before continuing it’s defensive stance against the mystery’s of the Unknown. But now, things appear to be calming, the Galaxy is once again in some semblance of peace, and the operatives of ODIN could once again head out to cull those who would live off the misery of others.

Sitting in the midst of Wild Space, the Veragassi Asteroid Belt is a nasty piece of real estate directly along one of the few lanes of ‘safe’ traffic known through Wild Space. Inside, a group of pirates has made their home out of one of the massive chunks of rock, and it’s from here that they’ve been staging raids, attacking ships, and pulling in any unwitting travelers who came too close. While not a great threat, in comparison to deranged Droids or Manipulative sociopaths, they are a threat to stability in Wild Space, yet another problem to clear off the list.

And now, the Pirates of the Veragassi Asteroid Belt have yet another victim. Their tractor beams captured an old Corellian Freighter skimming a little too close to the asteroids off the trade lane. It barely put up a fight, and was easily directed into the hangar. The pirates laughed at the old, battered ship, a big Blue freighter. They would overwhelm the passengers and take the ship, and whatever valuables were aboard. The scum gathered outside, preparing for an easy fight.

The ship’s passenger’s were slightly more prepared then the pirate’s anticipated, however. The ship was the Noble Rose, the passengers were the ODIN Special Ops team known as the Hunters of the Noble Rose, and the Brute who demanded they open the ship’s ramp and come out peacefully instead found himself blown backwards by a deadly rocket fired from the cybernetic leg of Lieutenant Martell, a dramatic entrance that sparked the fire-fight. And while the snipers the pirates had placed on the entrance above caused some damage, the minions were easily cleared out as the Hunters mopped up the fairly one-sided encounter. The pirates were ragtag and ill-equipped at best, and were ill-prepared for the force brought against them. Rusong Lah and Raxar Kun jumped up onto the gantry way in an impressive feat of athletics and took out the snipers. The room cleared, the group prepped itself for its assault on the base.

ODIN had set three objectives before them, sabotage the asteroid’s primary generator to ensure the base’s complete destruction, hack the pirate’s central computer system for whatever maps, hyperspace routes, and other vital information they may have regarding Wild Space, and kill the Pirate Leader, a makeshift Warlord calling himself Captain Dannoos. Exploring the hangar, the Hunters discovered a system of maintenance shafts leading deeper beneath the facility. Leaving Jarn Organa to defend the Noble Rose, the rest of the group ventured down into the maintenance shaft, opting for stealth over the front door approach… for now.

The tunnels beneath the facility crisscrossed with no obvious markings or direction, but relying on Kith’ruin’du‘s technological awareness, Lieutenant Martell’s keen perception, and Rusong Lah’s tracking knowledge, they were able to determine a path straight to the generator… at least, almost straight. A more direct path may have been available, but instead, they found a side access tunnel into the generator room on the other side of a vile, fetid pool.

The room was a sewage collection of some sort, with a sluice grate on the far wall leading up to some brightened room, the waste had collected in a central location and mixed with blood and oil from some kind of drainage from the room above. Approaching the pool, the group was attacked by a vicious tentacle of some kind, one which Raxar Kun instantly identified as a Dianoga, one which seemed much larger then the average size of the species. Rusong Lah‘s plan to dive into the bloody poo water was assisted by several tentacles that struck onto him and pulled him under. Raxar Kun and Lieutenant Martell dived in after, while Kith’ruin’du decided that not swimming in poo was the better part of valor, and continued forward to explore the Generator room.

Although the Dianoga nearly devoured the three swimmers, they were eventually successful in killing the creature and not drowning. Swimming back to the surface, they were surprised to see Kith’ruin’du running back into the room, screaming something about Battle Droids, but there was no pursuit. Venturing into the room, they found the two guard drops standing in the entrance way to the generator, but ray shielding prevented blaster fire from entering into the room. Engaging at an extended range, the group wore the droids down into scrap, and successfully sabotaged the generator to explode in sixteen days, or when they sent a predetermined signal from the safety of the Noble Rose. As the group rested up, Jarn Organa alerted them that the ship had come under attack by three well armed pirates in welding gear and heavy battle suits, but with the ship’s defenses under the control of Noble Squad, he had successfully stopped them. With their first objective completed, they now gathered their strength, and prepared to venture deeper into the facility, to find the CPU, and kill Captain Dannoos.



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