Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Base Defense

Revelations of the Master

The following is an archived record of events regarding what our operations have labeled The Awakening. These archives will detail the series of major circumstances which led up to the first access into the Black Temple. Some of this information has newly come to light, and expands upon other previously released information. This entry retells the fourth known incident, code named ‘Base Defense’, it was in actuality an elaborate betrayal.

With The Master’s ship in hyperspace The group continued on towards his base in preparation to defend against a siege. The Master had established a base into a prior installation on the world of Ruuria, long ago abandoned by the Imperial Remnant, and later by the Yuuzhan Vong. Situated along a major Hyperspace route, but on a relatively useless world, he feared that his enemies had finally found the base, and were specifically tracking the group.

However… there was something amiss here… all the force users can sense it, a darkness was fast approaching, and there were a few within the group who had seen a vision of an ominous future. A moment of great destiny is fast approaching, the force is moving the pieces into position, and the fate of the galaxy was to be at stake.

Anakin gathered the group around him, and described the oncoming threat. He described a military genius, an old enemy who had been in hiding in the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions for some time now, a Chiss tactician developing a secret army. At this point, Anakin’s speech turned more sinister, as he described the true enemy, a collection of microorganisms in the blood. He told them how the Yuuzhan Vong initially came to this universe after these evils had been purged from them, and were only able to begin reconnecting to the force as a species when the most recent generation began to be born in this universe. What the group failed to notice, was that The Master had been stalling them, as tiny insects, devoid of any midichlorians, had been released, and injected them with a neurotoxin that knocked them unconscious.

An unknown amount of time later, the group awoke in holding cells, tortured, with obvious signs of blood withdrawal. Only Paxis remained standing, kept healthier then the others, but in tremendous pain from a missing hand. The group worked to open the doors to the cell as best they could, but a constant sonic frequency broke their connection to the Force. Suddenly, shouts and explosions in the hall gave them freedom as the Mandalorian ambassador they had saved on Ordo broke open the cells and quickly fought off the guard droids and secured the group’s gear. With it, they were able to escape the prison, destroying PRO-ROK-1 a tortured Jedi Knight enteched into a droid.

Moving through the base, they arrived at The Master’s genetics labs. And Paxis moved quickly to find a new droid hand. There, the group had fun with Rakghouls who had broken their way free of the testing equipment, and who attacked and mutated the Mandalorians who had rescued the Mercenaries. Deeper into the facility, they stumbled upon an old Jedi trapped in one of the testing tubes. A nearby Ysalamari, a force-negating reptile, was the only thing restraining his escape. It was quickly killed, and unfortunately, the Jedi revealed his insanity as he lashed out at the group, declaring himself to be Joruus C’baoth.

After one final ambush by some stealthed assassins and the group finally approached the landing platform, where Anakin stood entering his shuttle with a Dathomir Sith Witch. Rather then be angry, he seemed rather pleased, announcing that the group had passed its final test to serve him on Dathomir, and invited them to enter the shuttle. When on of the Imperial Knights began to step forward, The Master laughed and cut him down. Turning away, he ordered the Sith Witch to kill the group.

Quickly killed, the Sith Witch failed. Anakin activated the bases self-destruct, then joined the fray himself, leaping about in a force fueled frenzy, cutting through the group, but the damage he took was great as well. As he collapsed, he threw out a devastating Force Repulse at the group around him. Fueled by his rage, Anakin raised cut a small slit into the side of his cheek, then began peeling the skin away. Beneath the now exposed Ooglith Masqeur was a grinning skull, and an armored body that seemed to mix organic and inorganic parts haphazardly. Now revealed in his hideous glory, the Master revealed his deception and the truth of his identity, the former Yuuzhan Vong Saboteur named Nom Anor

Fully insane, Nom Anor declared that the Force was a lie, holding no mystical power, it was simply a genetic parasite. His goal was to burn it from the blood of the universe, and all Force wielders along with it. With the tide of the battle tipping against him, Nom Anor once again Force repulsed the group away, and ran to his shuttle. Four Heavy Assassin Droids appeared, and the timer clicked down on the bases self destruct. Suddenly a Mandalorian shuttle pulled into the launch pad, and Mandalore the Infinite appeared, saving the group once again. Intent on not losing any more men to a conflict that wasn’t theirs to begin with, Mandalore the Infinite agreed to take the group to Dathomir, to finish the threat of Nom Anor once and for all.



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