Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Between a Vong and a Hard Place

You are either With them, or against them.

Posted Bounty: Pangzel Cur
Description: This Yuuzhan Vong warrior is believed to be a veteran of the Great war, and until now, remained in hiding. However, some new event has forced him from hiding, and he has begun growing an arsenal of highly illegal Yuuzhan Vong weaponry, and attacking innocent targets seemingly at random with a small, well-armed following of both Yuuzhan Vong terrorists, and sympathizers, all of which disdain technology.
Reward: 9,000 Dead

The Black Sun Asteroid Base is behind the group, a horrific and stark memory. The Dark Hunters have been playing the group since the start, a horrible charade to lure out the Jedi Raxar Kun. Before heading back out into the field, the group cornered their savior, the one who had at first abandoned them, Jarn Organa. As they confronted their pilot, Jarn Organa sat down, agreeing to come clean, and he opened a communications channel with two other powerful beings who had as much stake in this as anyone else, two leaders of ODIN, Revan and Thrawn.

Jarn explained his story to the group. He was a Jedi once, who served with the Revanchist in the Mandalorian War as a healer. He served on the front lines, healing the soldiers, and fought in the war Malachor V, where he fell into darkness. The war was horrific, and in the end, while Revan found the light again, Jarn Organa didn’t. Instead, he was severed from the Force, and ran from planet to planet helping others when he could. Eventually, Revan found him again and convinced Jarn Organa to join him, to serve a higher purpose and to help him save the galaxy.

Jarn Organa awoke from the carbon freezing in the Black Temple while a battle going on in the main chamber. Soon, learning about the changes to the universe around them, Jarn Organa learned that Alderaan, his homeworld, had been destroyed. Once more, he began to run, planet to planet, until for the first time in years, he heard the will of the Force again, and it led him to the Noble Rose, and the escaped slaves who would come to steal it. When the path of the Hunters led back to Revan and his new apprentice, Jarn couldn’t stand the guilt of his failures, and tried to flee once more. Only this time, the Noble Rose wouldn’t let him. The hyperdrive failed, and as Jarn sat in space fixing it, he heard the Force once again, and as he made the decision to head by to the Asteroid Base to save the Hunters, the ship reactivated, as if in answer.

With that, the head of ODIN, Thrawn turned to the Hunters on more official business.
The Dark Hunters were to be classified an official threat, and the mission of Kith’ruin’du to unveil these sinister agents was to be expanded into an official extermination order. Swindle was an exceptionally dangerous individual, and he and his companions were to be exterminated at any cost. Jarn Organa then revealed his one quick errand before picking up the group, he had also managed to rescue and heal the Jedi Raxar Kun, who would be assigned to work with the Hunters should their hunts find any hints of the Dark Hunters.

After resting and recuperating, the Hunters picked up the trail of their next target, the Yuuzhan Vong Pangzel Cur. They landed in the plains of Dantooine where the Yuuzhan Vong extremists were said to be attacking. Following a river from which the Vong were said to regularly raid, they encountered a scouting party, and eliminated its warriors, but a scout on a war beast rushed off into the forest before they could stop it. Following it into the forest, the group heard the sounds of battle. Finally emerging into a clearing, the group bore witness to a massive war between the Vong forces, and Imperial stormtroopers. At the rear of the Imperial forces was an AT-ST Seige Tank with a commander watching from the open hatch on top.

Devising a quick plan, the group split the party into three, with Rusong Lah heading over to negotiate with the Yuuzhan Vong forces, Lieutenant Martell and Kith’ruin’du met with the Imperial Forces, learning that they were soldiers of the Sith Empire. Meanwhile Troika Nobrose set up a sniper position in the forest. With all parties successfully convinced that the Hunters were on their side, the attack commenced. With Rusong Lah leading the Yuuzhan Vong forces, Lieutenant Martell and Kith’ruin’du took out the commander of the Sith troops, and then surprised the Sith completely by hijacking the AT-ST. Attacked on both sides, the Sith assault crumbled, and the Yuuzhan Vong led the party back to his lair, before the Sith Lord the Imperial soldiers had been waiting for.

Rusong Lah agreed to support Pangzel Cur, refusing to turn in his bounty, in exchange for the biological weapons and armor the warrior had been growing. Taking several of the Yuuzhan Vong’s elite soldiers with them, the group fought off the Sith Lord Darth Toxenis. Killing the Sith Lord cemented the worthiness of Rusong Lah in the eyes of Yun-Yummka, the Yuuzhan Vong god of war to Pangzel Cur. With that, the group departed from Dantooine, with another ally of their network.



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