Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Dark Iron Diplomacy

A Rough Landing

The following is an archived record of events regarding what our operations have labeled The Awakening. These archives will detail the series of major circumstances which led up to the first access into the Black Temple. Some of this information has newly come to light, and expands upon other previously released information. This entry retells the second known incident, code named ‘Dark Iron Diplomacy’.
A betrayal, a shattered treaty, and two dead Sith lords later, the group felt they had done very well. They had managed to escape from the Hutt’s ship without any major incident, and in fact, quite a lot of loot. Of the most interest to the group, they had managed to find records documenting the Hutt’s Betrayal, something which would surely be of interest to the Empire in Exile, or even the Mandalorians which had also attended the treaty meeting. Meanwhile, they had encountered another mysterious faction, referencing a mysterious ‘Master’ who was seemingly dedicated to capturing a Holocron that had been in the Hutt’s possession but was now in the groups. In addition, his minions had been fairly careless, dropping a set of hyperspace coordinates and a detailed planetary map, with a single point circled, possibly leading you to the ‘Master’ himself…

Crammed into the escape pods, the group looked up at the unfolding battle in space. Sith Star Destroyers, previously unopposed, were now under a growing attack by a second group of Star Destroyers, presumably Roan Fel’s Empire, and third group of sleek looking cruisers and snubfighters. The escape pods hurtle down towards the plain looking planet below, and a quick glance revealed numerous landing vehicles arriving as well. The Mandalorian ambassador who had been escorted by the Mercenary group laughed as they plummeted to the surface. War had broken out upon the planet of Ordo.

As everyone braced for impact, the escape pods crashed down into the middle of a large field. It seemed the simple security job has just landed the group into the middle of a three way war, between the invading Sith Forces, the Empire in Exile, and considering the Ambassador’s presence, the Mandalorians are fighting there as well, likely the pilots of those incredible new ships engaging the Sith.

Departing the Imperial camp, the group headed towards the Mandalorian Base, receiving supplies in exchange for covering the Imperial’s left flank. There, they were confronted by the Sith Lord Darth Decetis, whose manipulation of the Force allowed him to appear and disappear through the Force instantly. Not perfectly enough to evade death, as the group managed to kill him and his Dark Side followers.

Jumping down into an underground river, away from the raging battle, the mercenaries trudged towards the sewers, fighting off the vicious beasts below, and small groups of mercenaries, serving the ‘Master’, and demanding the return of the Holocron. Fighting through the smell, vicious Dianoga’s, and many exploding boxes, the group defeated the mercenaries, along with their apparently Diesel powered Junk Droid. As the junk droid exploded, a metallic voice echoed through the sewers, “The Master is pleased with your progress, and has agreed to open negotiations for retrieval of his property.”

Meeting with the cyborg, Lady Serrina, negotiations started poorly, with ill-advised demands and the revelation that Serrina was packing enough self-destroying explosives to level the entire sewer complex. But, as the idea of everyone taking heavy explosion damage before entering the Mandalorian’s base started to sink in, the talks started going again. In the end, the ‘Master’ himself appeared via hologram, and agreeable terms were made, the Master agreed to give the group further employment, the Holocron was handed over, and the group moved out of the sewers, told that the ‘Master’ would contact them regarding their first mission for him.

In the Mandalorian camp, the group witnessed troops quickly preparing evacuation ships. It seems that the Imperials were fighting off the Sith long enough to allow the Mandalorians to evacuate, and had now begun to pull out, ceding Ordo to the Sith. Their leader, Mandalore the Infinite was among the last group to depart, and agreed to supply the group with a ship, provided that they buy it with time. “We Mandalorians won’t fight your battles for you. You force wielders want help, you earn it. Clean up your own mess.” That mess? The Sith Lord Darth Trasis.

A monstrous brute, Darth Trasis wielding two vicious chain like weapons walked into the base, swinging the weapons at anything within his rather extensive range. But the Jedi in group sensed his true threat, a building force energy, as Trasis prepared himself to whirl into a fury to decimate the group. None the less, the group managed to burn him down, and a final shot from Mandalore himself downed the Sith Lord. Now, with a new ship, the group of mercenaries headed off to their next mission, waiting for a job from the ‘Master’ himself.



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