Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Dathomir Redux

It's like it's the Tatooine of my storylines

Heading to Dathomir, a planet which seems cursed, and which it seems the pilot of the Noble Rose, Jarn Organa has some horrible history associated with. Landing at the outskirts of a hidden underground facility, the Hunters of the Noble Rose embarked down into the tunnels, to find their way to this mysterious Jedi.

Inside the underground valley, the group was confronted by an unexpected camp of Mandalorians, who ordered them to stop by the order of Mandalore the Trenchant. But fortunately, they recognized Kith’ruin’du as a Chiss, and as such, likely a member of the Empire of the Hand. Able to bluff their way into gaining authorization, the Mandalorian’s gave the group a tour of the valley, helping them enter and loot the Sith Tombs that had sat so long undisturbed. The final tomb was the one which the Mandalorians had been ordered to protect, the entrance to some kind of Black Temple, an inscription across the door read Flesh to Scar, Blood to Free, Bone to Bar, Marrow to Feed… an ominous riddle which required one of the group to cut themselves and allow fresh blood to unseal the door.

With their duty fulfilled, the Mandalorians prepared to break camp and return home, but one of these warriors, a trained Mandalorian Assassin, volunteered to accompany the group going forward. He ventured into the Black Temple alongside the Hunters. The tunnel within went down to a point which had been collapsed some time ago, possibly on purpose. To the side of this was an entrance into a deeper chamber beneath the tunnel. Exploring, the group encountered a series of lava pools and molten rock. Heading across the room, the Hunters had to fight off horrific beasts of fire, products of ancient Sith Alchemy made of equal parts blood and fire, these unstable experiments lashed out, some exploding from their exertion, others growing larger as they absorbed blaster fire from the group until they finally expended themselves.

Emerging from the lava caves, the Hunters found themselves in what appeared to be the main chamber of the Black Temple, and in the center, the Jedi sat meditating. As they approached, the group heard several voices talking, and heard slip the term ODIN. As the voices faded, the Jedi rose, introducing himself as Raxar Kun. His master had set him on a purpose, to uncover the identity of the new Underlord of Black Sun, and to take action if he proved to be a threat. To that end, Raxar Kun had been gathering information on Black Sun, its agents, and its leader, and believed he had come across a disturbing revelation, that the Underlord of Black Sun was in reality Nom Anor, a being which could pose a terrible threat if allowed to grow powerful again.

With the belief that the Hunters had arrayed themselves against Black Sun for personal reason, he offered a partnership, one which the group agreed to, explaining that they had been sent as Bounty Hunters to capture Raxar, and now, they could waltz straight up to the Underlord Duepos with him in tow, as if captured, only to attack him instead. As they debated, the group was taken offguard when Jarn Organa suddenly arrived. Disgusted, Jarn Organa revealed that he knew not only Raxar Kun, but his Master as well. Jarn Organa told the Hunters to join with them if they wished, but that he would have nothing to do with them. With that, Jarn Organa stormed off, leaving the Black Temple, and Dathomir with the Noble Rose.

Astonished, the group sat considering the quick departure of Jarn Organa, but Raxar Kun offered his ship as a replacement, which the group quickly dubbed the Mud Squaw. As preparations were made to go, an assassin suddenly struck, poisoning Raxar Kun before disappearing into the shadows. The group fought and killed the Assassin, not quite grasping the significance that Black Sun had somehow tracked them to Dathomir. Now, they departed aboard the Mud Squad to rendezvous with the Underlord Duepos, but not to claim their bounty.



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