Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Desert With No Name

You've Been Through It

With initial reports of the newly discovered world in Wild Space, ODIN has assigned it the name Gilane on their star charts. And now, the Hunters of the Noble Rose head down into the planet’s atmosphere, tracking the exhaust signature’s of the Veragassi Asteroid Belt Pirate’s ships to and from the approximate location of the dig site. However, a sandstorm prevented the Noble Rose from homing in on the main location, forcing it to land at the edge of the search area. From there, the Hunters had to head into the desert on foot to do a manual search of the estimated location.

Trudging miles through the desert was relatively uneventful at first, but the monotony was broken when a massive Wraid burst forth from the sand. Not too bright, it continued to attempt to eat Rusong Lah, but all it ended up getting was a mouthful of Blast Bug as the group eliminated the creature and collected it’s skull, which, in a display of boundless generosity, they will donate to some needy charity organization. Not much other wildlife approached them, and eventually they found themselves above the perimeter of a makeshift camp, which appeared to belong to the Pirates. Once more employing the Techno-Vong Gambit, Rusong Lah convinced these pirates that the group was a skilled team of defense contractors capable of building stronger security systems for the pirates. And as the pirate’s crew boss discussed terms, he mentioned the temple they were overseeing, and the inner chambers which they could not breach, leading Rusong Lah to extend his services in opening them.

The Pirate’s gave the group directions to the temple mouth, but there the group found not a busy archaeological dig, but yet another massacre site, as corpses littered the desert floor. These bodies were mutilated, scarred, and all in terrible condition, some of them had died of blood loss, rather then simply being killed by whatever assailant had attacked them. Following a tunnel leading downward, the group emerged inside a long hallway within the temple, large pillars rising up about thirty feet, the dim tunnel lit by massive floodlights the pirates had apparently placed. But there were apparently more corpses, and several Pirate soldiers who were spooked by the savagery of the attacks, the bodies hacked apart thoughtlessly. While the Hunters managed to stay the pirates hands from attacking, several strikes came out of nowhere, as cloaked assassins struck, cutting down several of the pirates and attacking the party, they claimed to have been hired by someone called, The Augur, and were there to prevent anyone from following her. As they fell, this was the only information they could get out of the assassins, and they entered the temple in spectacular fashion, as Rusong Lah used one of the assassin’s heads as a makeshift battering ram to bash open the (unlocked) door.

Inside the main room of the temple, the Hunters were faced by two large statues, each representing a woman dressed in Jedi robes, each holding lightsabers to their side, and a raised hand holding a strange orb, one engraved with the image of a sun, the other with a moon. Digging through the rubble, the group uncovered six orbs of similar size, with various engravings on them. Through some trial and error, the image of a star, when placed into an opening in the statues eye, opened a door on the corresponding side of the room. Brilliantly, the party decided to split up, each exploring a wing. Rusong Lah and Troika Nobrose would head down the Path of the Moon, while Kith’ruin’du and Lieutenant Martell headed up the Path of the Sun.

On the Path of the Moon, the hallway ended abruptly in a massive open space, as if literally they had entered the middle of nothing, stars orbiting around them, a pillar of light out amidst the stars which appeared as some kind of pedestal. As the two Hunters entered the room, the Stars began to spin rapidly, and blasts of light struck them, blinding and disorienting, but some fast work with a Jetpack and Troika Nobrose reached the pedestal and removed the 20 fluid oz size crystal, deactivating the room’s traps.

Meanwhile, the Path of the Sun was much simpler, the room had been ravaged. The floor appeared to be glass, but was heavily shattered in places, completely broken apart in others. Blasters mounted into the walls were exposed by severe damage, and the two Hunters going this direction found a crystal as well, this one shattered physically into three pieces. Moving onward, they swiftly found the cause. In the next room, a female figure stood, the Augur, covered in armor and wielding a scythe, she was in the midst of destroying the traps that had been placed in this room when she sensed the two intruders. Accusing them of being more of ‘his’ puppets, she immediately force pulled them into the room and attacked.

As Kith’ruin’du and Lieutenant Martell fought against the Augur, the other two Hunters began to explore further along their path. As Rusong Lah stepped forward, a hand grabbed him and pulled him backwards. A cloaked figure who appeared to literally emerge from the shadows pulled back the Vong and warned him of the traps. Called the Seer, he talked of the voice in his head, a hateful voice he feared, and desired to be rid of, but which he was forced to obey. The group struck an agreement with the Seer, and he showed them how to meet back up with their friends in time to save them from the Augur. Should they survive the encounter and manage to kill or force the Augur to retreat, he would meet them deeper in the temple, and they could work together to prevent his master from becoming free.

The two agreed, and rushed over end the battle against the Augur. With the arrival of these reinforcements, combined with her growing injuries, she eventually retreated, apparently having an argument with herself. Whatever side of the argument that went unheard won, judging by the cursing and clear desire to kill everyone in that room, threats which went unfulfilled as she disappeared, the shadows of the rooms behind the group swallowing her up.

The Hunters, reunited, compared notes and mended their wounds, Lieutenant Martell having nearly died from the battle. They had each recovered a crystal-like structure, which for everyone but the Vong (Who feels nothing), pulse with a soothing, peaceful aura. From the layout of the temple you’ve seen so far, there are two more room, one attached to each of the paths you’d been following, and another room connecting the two central rooms in the paths. And still no artifact, although it would seem the presence of the Augur and Seer within the temple would hint that there is something here deep beneath the deserts of Gilane….



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