Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Destiny on Dathomir

Into the Valley of Darkness

The following is an archived record of events regarding what our operations have labeled The Awakening. These archives will detail the series of major circumstances which led up to the first access into the Black Temple. Some of this information has newly come to light, and expands upon other previously released information. This entry retells the fifth known incident, code named ‘Destiny on Dathomir’.

Mandalore the Infinite made good on his word, a fast ship to Dathomir and the mercenaries prepare for their penultimate challenge. Thus far, the group worked together, at first for the credits, then for the promises of a madman, but now, a divide was rapidly appearing amongst the party. Ahead lay Dathomir, and a terrible darkness was growing. Some force prevented them from landing directly in the valley signified by the map, instead, they were forced to land in the ruined outskirts.

The groups ship landed without incident, and they began heading towards the sunken cave where the Holocron had long before showed the Black Temple‘s location. Aiding the group was a Mandalorian who had joined to help, despite Mandalore’s insistence that his men would have no further part in this mission. The beasts of the valley were agitated by something, and attacked without provocation. Of more concern was the bounty hunters, apparently hired by Nom Anor to stop them in as messy a fashion as possible. The bounty hunter corpses fell, but all the fresh blood did was incite a greater evil, a hideous Sith creature imprisoned for thousands of years.

In the cave, the ruins of the Black Temple were laid out before them, but well guarded by one of the Dathomir Nightsister clans, the very clan which once held Paxis as a slave. “By our traditions, you were freed, but by returning here, the life of you, and all your worthless friends, is forfeit!” Atop her Rancor mount, Paxis’ former master, Sith Witch Nelia directed the battle, and waded into the fray herself, force pushing her foes while the Rancor shredded armor and sinew.

It was then, as the group became fully involved with the monstrous Rancor, that the friendly Mandalorian, who had been aiding the group from the rear, surreptitiously watching, observing the groups abilities, revealed himself. Not a Mandalorian, he was in fact a deadly bounty hunter, amongst the most feared bounty hunters of the era. But, the group rallied, first collapsing the Rancor, then the Hunter, and finally the Nightsister leader herself.

Paxis strode forward, pulling his twin lightsabers up against his former owners throat. “Bow your head.” Her broken body pulsed with hate, but as Paxis delivered a swift kick to her stomach, she finally kneeled. “Swear yourself to me… DO IT!” The Dathomir Witch looked at him, her eyes wide with fear, “Spare… me…” Paxis smirked and kicked her again, sliding one lightsaber to his belt, he began flexing his hand, and his former master began to panic as her windpipe tightened.

Raxar Kun stepped forward, placing his hand on Paxis’ shoulder, but Paxis shrugged it away, recoiling from Raxar and stepping up his torture. Raxar Kun came forward and grasped Paxis by his forearm, breaking his concentration, but Paxis broke free again, this time lashing out with his saber, beheading his former master. The two stared at one another for moments, then Paxis broke away, striding over to one of the tombs. In one swift motion, he cut the palm of his hand and placed it upon the door, watching as the runes lit up, and the door slid open. Paxis strode through, into the darkness following Nom Anor. The rest of the group watched him go, then, gathering their gear, journeyed into darkness.



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