Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Easy Money

The following is an archived record of events regarding what our operations have labeled The Awakening. These archives will detail the series of major circumstances which led up to the first access into the Black Temple. Some of this information has newly come to light, and expands upon other previously released information. This entry retells the first known incident, code named ‘Easy Money’.
Kodagga the Hutt has put out a call for a simple security operation aboard the Bright Bauble, a pleasure yacht renowned for its gambling and often much shadier operations. Kodagga has planned an extended tour of an area of space unusually far into the outer rim, and is requesting additional security to patrol the station. To all accepting the job, Kodagga is offering 250 credits up-front, and 750 credits once the tour is completed, and Bright Bauble is back in port.

A group of assorted Mercenaries have answered the call, and been paid up front. Unfortunately, asking about armaments brings nothing but a laugh from Kodagga. It seems the mercs are expected to buy your own equipment, with the 250 credits the Hutt advanced from their final payment. The group of mercenaries heads over to the station weapons district, after which you have been ordered to meet with the stations head of security… the people aboard the station seem a bit more cautious then expected, an aura of anticipation, an almost military readiness. It feels like something big is about to go down…

The ship is in orbit over a fairly dull looking world, an odd place for a touring casino ship to stop for the view. Meeting up with the station head of security, he assigned a route to patrol through the ships gambling sections and watch for trouble. During the first patrol, the ship shakes, and a general announcement goes out that the ship was now under control of his Excellency, the Emperor, Darth Krayt. All personal were ordered to stand down or face immediate execution. The Sith dock with the station, and a Sith Lord emerged, only to face the combined might of a group of Force Wielders which emerged from the crowd, and the security force mercenaries which rushed to the ships defense.

The Sith Empire struck quickly, attacking the Bright Bauble and boarding it with little opposition. It seems that Kodagga has betrayed his guests, selling the time and location of the secret meeting between the Empire in Exile and another potential ally to Darth Krayt’s forces. As the Hutt met with the Sith, it seems things did not go as planned, as he was betrayed as well, struck in half by the Sith Lord, Darth Venomis.

A premonition in the force brought a vision of lightsabers ablaze, and so the mercenaries stalled, talked, bowed, and fought to keep the Sith Lord at bay as a group of Imperial Knights opened the conference room doors, and a small group of other Force users, brought here by visions and whispering of the force, emerged to battle the Sith. The Imperial Ambassador fled with his bodyguard, making it to his personal escape ship, while Venomis raged, feeding off the life force of his own adepts in order to pursue the escaping ambassador.

As Darth Venomis fell, a small holo-comm fell from his corpse. Activating it, the form of Darth Krayt appeared, demanding to know of the Ambassador’s capture. Instead, the found a group of mercenaries staring back, who essentially told Krayt to go Eff himself. Annoyed, Krayt ordered Darth Brannigan to emerge from his ship and wipe the Bright Bauble clean of all opposition. But, at the same time, a call came for assistance in the meeting room, to help escort the other ambassador off the ship in whatever way possible.

Running back, the group was pleased to discover the Ambassador was a heavily armed Mandalorian warrior, who was less then happy with the Sith. Blasting through wave after wave of Troops, the group was able to defeat Darth Brannigan long before the group reached its pre-set kill limit. But, the automated defense system prevented the group from stealing his shuttle (A cortosis ‘Club’ on the steering wheel). It was only a matter of time before the Sith realized that Darth Brannigan was no longer making contact, the group needed to escape before the Sith simply destroyed the ship.

But it seems there was another player aboard the ship, someone had sabotaged the Vault, and although the group discovered evidence of the Hutt’s betrayal, something else was stolen. Tracking the saboteur, the group heard the first mentions of a mysterious ‘Master’, and were able to retrieve a strange Holocron from a bounty hunter. While the Sith troopers did battle with a group of Assault Droids in the Escape Pod Bay, the group attempted to talk its way past the mostly immobile droids. Further mentions of the ‘Master’ revealed the presence of his agents aboard the ship.

Opening the Control Center door, the group found the agent of ‘The Master’, a cowardly, weak-willed Kubaz who likely would have told you everything about the Master’s identity and his plans, until a perfectly aimed blaster bolt took his head clean off. As the chaos subsided, the group managed to retrieve both a map of a mysterious base, and a set of hyperspace coordinates that seem to pinpoint the location of the Master. Rushing to the escape pods, the Mercenaries left the ship just in time to see it blown apart by the Sith’s turbolasers…



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