Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Fire and Shadow

And an Undying Rage

The Noble Rose emerged from hyperspace in the space above the ocean world of Sedri, and was instantly greeted by turbolaser fire. Several Sith Star Destroyers are in orbit, blockading the planet. The city where the Hunters had rescued the Mon Calamari slaves was under assault, and Jarn Organa came across the ships speaker to inform everyone of the situation, faint life signs and huge heat signatures, the whole city was in flames, and the Hunters had to venture down to save what survivors they could.

A massive turbolaser emplacement prevented the ship from landing, an emergency evac jump from low altitude made up for that, landing each of the Hunters at a relatively safe drop point. As they dusted themselves off, they barely had time to breath before hearing the roar of jet packs over the raging fires, several Sith Jump Troopers flew over the burnt buildings and landed nearby, drawing up vicious looking flamethrowers, they raised their weapons and motioned towards the group “Looks like reports were correct, the saviors are here to bail out the fish heads, let’s torch them.” Someone had warned the Sith that the group was coming, but the Pyro troops were no match for the Hunters, and they began to make their way through the streets.

After several minutes of exploration, they found the figure responsible for the fires, the menacing figure of Darth Ignix, marching purposely through the flames, she appeared untouched by the heat, with several troopers behind her keeping pace. But upon sensing the presence of Raxar Kun, Darth Ignix began to investigate, and found the group approaching, she began to force push the flames out at the group, pulling them in. Fighting against the Sith Lady, the group was able to delivery a serious wound to her, and she fled into the fire, calling down additional troops to guard her escape. These troops were easily dispatched, and Lieutenant Martell attempted to recruit one of them, after holding his head to the flames for some time, only to have the soldier detonated remotely, killing him before they could deactivate the explosives.

In the clear for the moment, Jarn Organa came across the groups headsets, reporting that the survivors had held up in the old fortress the Hunters had once infiltrated in order to assassinate Vigo Perizo, where several massive guard droids that once belonged to the Black Sun Vigo were fighting against Sith stormtroopers. As the Hunters approached, the droids seemed to have the battle well in hand, but a shadowy figure jumped up from below, quickly causing the Droids to buckle and collapse, another Sith lord, Darth Adesh.

He taunted the group, “So you’re the ones who’ve been complicit in hiding these Mon Calamari filth. They’re all going to die you know. Darth Krayt has returned, and in death he has seen a vision of fire and death, this galaxy will be purged, and it shall be reborn in his glorious image!” Summoning a dark shadow across himself, the Sith Lord leapt through the shadows to confuse his opponents, but the fight soon turned against him. Suddenly, Darth Ignix burst forth from one of the buildings, exploding it into flame and rejoining the battle. Despite the two Sith Lords battling the Hunters in tandem, the battle-hardened veterans prevailed, and defeated the two Sith Lords of Fire and Shadow, disposing of their bodies by placing the Shadow lord into the flame, and casting the Flame lady down into the shadows of the city below.

Severely injured from the battle, the Hunters patched up as best they could as the bridge to the fortress extended. Several Mon Calamari, injured from the sudden attack and in little condition to fight, marched out to their saviors. Behind them came a cloaked figure, by all appearances a Jedi, but the group sensed a wrongness about him even then, they grasped their weapons, expecting anything. Walking to the corpse of Darth Adesh, he picked up the Sith Lords lightsaber and congratulated the group, and began speaking to the Mon Calamari about the bravery of the Hunters of the Noble Rose. Jarn Organa happily reported that he would make a pass and touchdown to pick up the survivors.

The group relaxed and prepared to march back to the landing zone, the fires that had filled the city dying down. As they begin to move, the cloaked figure continued to praise the warriors, “I told you they would come, these are your saviors, who delivered you from slavery, who have helped hide you and keep your secret. And now, it is because of them that you die.” He raised his arm and revealed a permacrete detonator, casually tossing it into the crowd of civilians and killing them all. Lieutenant Martell attempted to deflect the blast, but was only blown clear by the shockwave. The cloaked figure turned to the group and ignited the lightsaber he had recovered from the corpse, “I wanted them to see, this is all because of you, I wanted to make you suffer." As the mysterious figure battled with the skill of a Sith Lord, it was soon apparent that the group was too wounded to win, the warrior himself too well prepared.

As the battle grew desperate, the warrior was clearly winning, he gave up a large proportion of his defense to throw himself straight at Lieutenant Martell, a massive attack which Martell easily avoided, only to see the feint behind it, the warrior had bee preparing a massive second attack should the first be avoided, and came down with the full force of his weapon, severing Lieutenant Martell‘s arm completely. The warrior laughed and stepped back, “You are all so easy to manipulate. The Sith just require a small goad and you can drive them to burn whatever planet you want to the ground. Drop a few hints about some extra-galactic threat and your precious ODIN scurry’s far enough away that they won’t be able to arrive to help you. And, present a shiny new toy to you, and I can ensure that you will deliver it straight to me, and in doing so, make sure to cause you as much pain as possible.”

The warrior activated some device on his wrist, and the group overheard a piercing scream from Jarn Organa, the Noble Rose had been struck, something exploded in the aft, destroying half the ship, and as Jarn attempted to communicate, the transmission ended in the sounds of wrenching metal and a horrible crash. The warrior revealed that the Octavis Personal Assault Armor the group had stolen from the Bound Anvil had been designed by Sabers with certain fail-safes, one of which was a remote control signal. The other was a biometric imprint, that would only allow Sabers to fully control the weaponry of the Assault suit. Removing his mask completely, the warrior revealed that he was, in fact, Swindle, or at the least, another clone, and because of that, able to use the Octavis Personal Assault Armor to its full potential.

Unable to withstand the awesome power of this device, the Hunters, those not already incapacitated, attempted to flee. As Kith’ruin’du fled back to the drop point in the hopes of losing his pursuer, Lieutenant Martell chose another way out. Seeing how hopeless the situation was, and unwilling to let Swindle take him alive, Lieutenant Martell chose death, embracing it by flinging himself down the fifty foot plunge down into the oceans of Sedri. Already nearly dead from the battle above, losing consciousness from the pain in his now missing arm, the brave soldier of the Fel Empire made his final journey down into the ocean depths, and at the end, at the last, he thought he saw his father standing upon the docks, motioning for him to come, before his life finally ended upon the waters.

For those who survived, as much as that term can be applied, saw only darkness. They awoke in an archaic prison ship, held in old Force cells once used during the Clone Wars to keep Jedi prisoner, what little information they could gather revealed nothing of their location or destination, and little ability to communicate with one another before the pain of the prisons and their own personal wounds caused them to pass out once again. In the blessed periods of unconsciousness, there is only silence… outside of that, there is only pain, but at least the pain tells them that they’re still alive… but to what end?



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