Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Flight of the Noble Rose

Escape from Ruuria

Emerging into the city streets, the escaped slaves planned to casually move through the marketplace. In the Stormtrooper armor they had stolen from the guards of the prison camp, they all believed they could easily blend in, except for Rusong Lah, resulting in the creation of the Vong Gambit, where-in the group attempted to pass off Rusong Lah as a prisoner. While fooling the average citizens, the ruse did not fool the commando’s sent specifically to recover the escapees, an elite squad which was checking everyone in the city, door to door. The resulting fire fight caused a panic in the streets, as civilians got in the midst of the fight, but eventually the group overcame the odds, defeating the commandos, or at least, the first wave.

Hoping to avoid additional attention, the group looked for a place to hide. One citizen had not run, instead hiding out within his home, and once the gunfire died down, he emerged, offering to shelter the group. Quickly following the old man off the street, they were lead into the basement, where the man quickly shut the door behind them. The basement had been a trap, set by a trio of Bounty Hunters. The devious Hunters were prepared to capture the group alive, attempting to immobilize and stun them, pushing them into disadvantageous positions, but even that wasn’t enough to help, as the four ex-slaves readily defeated the hunters, taking a Datapad from their leader, revealing that Lord Morigis had placed a bounty on their heads, as well as revealing an array of additional bounties.

Emerging back on to the streets, the group feared further discovery, once again employing the Vong Gambit, they found the way into the spaceport blocked by the Local Security, rather then additional Sith soldiers. While their negotiations weren’t the greatest, the Section Security Chief seemed more then willing to overlook the holes in their story, letting them slip past the checkpoint without incident.

Inside the spaceport, the ex-slaves discovered three hangar bays currently occupied, one hangar was currently being used, while the other two had ships currently sitting in dock. Choosing amongst the hangars, the group first entered into one of the occupied hangars. There, they found the Demise, a heavily modified, heavily armed, and incredibly dangerous ship owned by a group of elite bounty hunters known as the Dark Hunters. The only problem with an attempt to steal this ship was the presence of those very same Hunters, Coins, Flasks, Staves, and their leader, they cloaked Sabers. As the group approached, the bounty hunters sneered, and Sabers applauded them for the chaos they had been causing, ignoring civilians in combat with the Sith and killing the Bounty Hunters who had set the trap for them in the basement. The escapees were far too low of a bounty for the Dark Hunters to bother with. Sabers even provided the group with an interesting idea, to become Bounty Hunters themselves, make a name for themselves. But Sabers had one condition for his continued non-aggression, he asked the group for an artifact they had recovered. Believing he meant the Holocron, the group refused, and attempted to pass off a Permacrete Detonator to the Dark Hunters instead, a trick which would come to have massive repercussions in the future.

Leaving the Dark Hunters behind, the group discovered that the active hangar bay was in fact the site of a landing Sith Shuttle, aboard which their former master Lord Morigis had arrived. Lord Morigis ordered his troops to capture the slaves, forcing them to flee to the final hangar in hopes of finding a usable ship. Inside, an ancient YT-1300 Freighter sat, and at its entrance ramp, an unusual and somewhat unkempt man worked to access the ship through unorthodox methods. The four fighters fought off the Sith, some working alongside Jarn Organa to get inside the ship, eventually breaking in. From there, they found access to a lower belly turret, which they used to open fire on the Sith, taking out the remaining soldiers and critically injuring Lord Morigis, blowing his arm off. As reinforcements arrived, the Ship lifted into the air, taking off and blasting into space.

As the group entered hyperspace, the thief and makeshift pilot introduced himself as Jarn Organa. The four ex-slaves explained who they were, and their intention to become Bounty Hunters, to which Jarn Organa offered his services as a pilot. Their ship, newly christened the Noble Rose, would form the name of their Bounty Hunter group, the Hunters of the Noble Rose, and begin to plan for their first Hunt.



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