Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Flipping Coins

Teaching Bears to Love

ODIN has spent weeks dealing with the Dark Hunter Staves, analyzing the information he has provided them. While Revan’s forces have moved through the fleet removing the traitors from within the organization, Mandalore has been placing scouts to observe the activities at the various Dark Hunter facilities. As Staves predicted, all of these facilities have been quiet, with no activity since the death of Sabers… all but one.

The planet Misnor, one of Sabers fabrication plants, has seen a massive increase in activity, and most importantly, frequent sightings of Coins. The Hunters of the Noble Rose were hired by ODIN to exterminate Coins as the spearhead of their invasion, as they launched their forces against the Dark Hunters bases across the Outer Rim, with the hope to stomp them out once and for all in one massive assault.

The factory on Misnor bore resemblance to the facility on Boz Pity, an old structure revamped for the Dark Hunters uses, the exterior was guarded by two massive Turrets, being worked on by several ugnaught workers and welders. Lieutenant Martell and Troika Nobrose led the assault against the facility, bringing the full force of their conquests to bear, the massive AT-ST Big Bruce and the forces of Noble Squad, they decimated the front-line defenses, destroying the ugnaughts meager resistance and destroying the powerful turrets. But Coins knew they were coming, and had apparently been planning for them.

Inside, the factory was buzzing with activity, the distant sound of machinery punctuated only by an odd beep, as if from a cell phone losing power. Rather then entering through a side assembly line, the Hunters had come in the front door, the main hallway leading into darkness. But as they carefully explored the hall, a light came on, revealing Coins, standing on a platform suspended some forty feet in the air. He mocked the group, laughing at their decision to come to him, rather then forcing him to hunt them, and revealed the true, horrific scope of his master plan. While the Hunters of the Noble Rose had spent their time killing Coins allies, he had been devising a truly hideous plan, in his own words, teaching bears to love. The factories lights came online in their entirety, revealing a massive army of Ewoks, all of which had explosives strapped to them, causing them to explode upon their death. As the Hunters fought their way through the explosive ewok hordes, Coins contributed to the chaos by lobbing grenades down at them from above, including one well placed Permacrete Detonator.

The hunters saw their chance to take out Coins facility lying in a series of massive pistons, each powering a system of delivery tubes which Coins was using to distribute his grenades. While the first such tube was destroyed by Lieutenant Martell’s hidden leg missile, the others were disabled by hand at their computer stations, cutting off Coins access to his grenades. Without his weapons at ready supply, and with his army of ewoks cut down, the diminutive madman fled through one of the delivery tubes, fleeing deeper into the facility, his rants echoing through the facility. The Hunters had forced his hand, now he would have to deploy… IT.

Taking an elevator down, the Hunters found themselves deep beneath the platform they had previous fought upon, an eerie room in which the Jedi found themselves strangely cut off from the Force. The lighting was coming from several large tubes, similar to the one the group found on Zebitrope IV, a cloning cylinder. And inside these cylinders was an answer to how Sabers had been killed three times now… these were clones of Swindle. Three of the cylinders were empty, but the rest were ominously full, at least a dozen more clones ready to be deployed. But as the group approached the central cylinder, the ceiling began to fall, a massive platform from the floor above descending as Coins continued his rant.

He had discovered this facility had been Sabers primary lab, and it was where he had developed his most devastating weapon, an incredible AP-AA prototype which Sabers had designated the Heptas Personal Assault Armor. The Battle Suit’s descent crushed the central cloning cylinder, revealing it to be little more then a massive pair of legs with a makeshift control system atop it, and weaponry simply welded on haphazardly. Coins simply didn’t have the time or technical genius to finish the suit, and was deploying it only half-constructed, nick-naming the potentially invincible weapon ‘Stompy’.

The Heptas was a devastating piece of weaponry, even only half finished, as it proceeded to pummel, stomp, and blast the group, they were finally able to destroy it. As it tipped backwards, Coins jumped off the top of the mech, preparing to engage in combat himself, only to have the Heptas fall forward, shearing the final Dark Hunter in two. As the upper torso of Coins bled out his final seconds, he laughed. “Still time… for one… last… BOOM” As Coins finally died, the floor to the cloning facility opened up, a mesh grating revealing that beneath the facility was a massive stockpile of Permacrete Detonators, the beeps that had been thus far of mild amusement were revealed to be the Detonator count-down, and with only minutes remaining, the Hunters were forced to flee the facility immediately, and were unable to fully explore the depths of the Cloning Lab they had found beneath the factory. The Factory was rocked by a massive explosion, leaving little of the facility but a massive crater. As the Hunters departed to rejoin the primary ODIN fleet, Lieutenant Martell pondered aloud an ominous question. If they had been killing clones of Sabers… where was the original?



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