Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Freeing Slaves for Fun and Profit

No, you Can't Keep the Slaves

Posted Bounty: Vigo Perizo
Description: This Black Sun Vigo has crossed one line too many against the locals of the planet Sedri. This planet is one of the few willing to take in Mon Calamari refugees, and Vigo Perizo saw it as a golden opportunity to extort protection money from the local government, or to report the refugees from the Sith. Some wealthy patron of the Mon Calamari refugees has placed a bounty on Vigo Perizo to atone for his crimes against them. His protection money will be paid not to him, but to the hunters who return with his head.
Reward: 9,000 Dead.

With the information provided by their contacts, the Hunters of the Noble Rose arrived on planet Sedri, an aquatic world where Vigo Perizo had established a great fortress. The Black Sun Vigo had made a massive profit from the outer rim slave trade, and flaunted his wealth and power by bragging that he personally ran the planet Sedri. With the main door of his fortress essentially unassailable, the Hunters had to find a second way in, a series of walkways built beneath the floating city, just over the water.

But down there, Vigo Perizo had little need to invest in massive defense systems, simply dropping in chunks of his latest victims to attract Sedriaxian Sharks. One such creature attacked the group as it made its way across the walkways, dragging them underwater to drown and devour them. But the group (mostly) fought the Sedriaxian Shark, and didn’t all just drop flat onto the walkway while moving forward. The Sedriaxian Shark continued to pull the members underwater, and to make matters worse, approaching the bases back door tripped the activation of several automated turrets which protected the entrance. Finally, the Sedriaxian Shark was killed and the turrets destroyed by some well placed grenades in the gun barrels, the door was opened, and the Hunters entered the base.

Inside, the base was a massive spiraling complex, the upper reaches of the base was equipped with mounted blasters from which several gunners fired on the group. Meanwhile, several Jump Troopers flew through across the base levels, utilizing jet packs to continue to ascend while the group was forced to walk along the pathways of the twisting base. This didn’t last forever, as Kith’ruin’du used his snare rope as a launched climbing rope, tying it to the railing of the top level, he pulled himself up, taking out the Mounted Blaster gunners and enabling the rest of the group to finish climbing up. Despite the self-destructing jet packs, they were able to disable the explosive mechanisms on several of these devices, intent on keeping them for themselves.

At the top level, Vigo Perizo had watched from afar, and as the Hunters approached two opposing doors, his hologram appeared, mocking them with a choice of freeing the slaves and allowing him to escape, or to attempt to confront him, and let the slaves die. The Hunters were unwilling to accept this scenario, and using two of their newly acquired Jet packs, bombed open both doors. This allowed them to successfully free the slaves, but when they moved to confront Vigo Perizo, they only found the corpse of him and his Quarren bodyguard, already cut down. All evidence pointed to the Jedi the group was hunting, and the Hunters seized the decapitated head of Vigo Perizo, turning it in to collect the bounty and ending his rule over the planet’s government.



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