Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Hadrod Collider

Out of the Shadows steps...

Posted Bounty: Darth Hadrod
Description: A Sith Lord operating in the Outer Rim, Darth Hadrod has begun staging on Kalee, and his arrival has been deemed to be too close to Bastion and the Fel Empire, they fear an assault is imminient. Find the Sith Lords intentions, and eliminate him as a threat.
Reward: 16,000 Dead

ODIN has won, victory across the Outer Rim as the Dark Hunters facilities have been captured and destroyed during their all out offensive. The factories had been inactive since the death of Sabers, and ODIN met minimal resistance, with the only substantial skirmish being the assault on Misnor led by the Hunters of the Noble Rose. The factories all appeared to have been tooled to produce Battle Droids, but nothing of any substance was discovered by ODIN. The Hunters discovery of the Cloning complex was disturbing, but of little consequence because of its following destruction. The Dark Hunters have been defeated.

And now, ODIN extended an official offer to the Hunters of the Noble Rose, sanctioning them to officially join their organization as a special elite strike force, dealing with high priority missions in Wild Space. But for now, Lieutenant Martell declined the offer, choosing to continue to serve the Fel Empire, accepting a bounty for the Sith Lord Darth Hadrod.

With his last sighting on the planet Kalee, a mostly-tropical world, lacking any major spaceports, it was easy to track the Sith Lord’s ship down. As Jarn Organa scanned the planet, it revealed a single ship that had landed near a large black pyramid which stood out amidst the jungle. Scans show several Sith stormtroopers milling around the entrance to the pyramid, but no sign of the Sith Lord.

The group snuck through the overgrowth and quickly dispatched the Stormtroopers before they could raise an alarm. Entering the pyramid, they made their way down the dimly lit hallways winding down. They pyramid was not as ancient as other tombs they had entered, the Sith Black Temple on Dathomir for example. This was of modern construction, within the past hundred years. Scattered throughout are bones, both humanoid and animal, in varied states of decay. Deep below was large group of voices, cheering, chanting, and one voice rising above those. And making the final turn, the Hunters came face to face with two Kaleesh warriors in full armor.

Rusong Lah had respect for the warrior culture the Kaleesh represented, and successfully bluffed the group past the guards, telling them that they had come to praise the Kaleesh and offer two prisoners as sacrifices, yet another successful use of the Vong Gambit, or in this case, the Reverse Vong Gambit. Behind the two guards was an open theater set some thirty feet below the hallway the Hunters stood in. Beneath, the theater floor was filled with Kaleesh commoners, all of which are armed. And above them a large Kaleesh warrior was speaking, his body clearly tattooed in black and red, Darth Hadrod.

The Sith Lord spoke to his people of their lost god, Qumaen Jai Sheelai, and the Sith’s offer to restore the Kaleesh to their former greatest, and grant them the same gifts that had raised their long lost General to be a feared and respected leader beyond the stars. His rhetoric continued, while, despite a secondary hallway which clearly sloped downwards towards a secondary entrance onto the stage, Rusong Lah lunged the thirty feet down into the theater. There, he denounced the Sith, telling the Kaleesh gathered there that they were liars and monsters who would destroy them, and he urged these warriors to rise up against the pretender, Darth Hadrod. But Darth Hadrod merely laughed, telling the warriors to slay the defilers to their god’s tomb.

While Troika Nobrose littered the floor with grenades from the darkness above, Lieutenant Martell kept a lookout, and watched as three of the Kaleesh warriors in the theater ran, only to watch them physically vanish, as if they had just turned invisible. While Rusong Lah battled the Kaleesh throngs, he continued to try and convince them that the Sith were in Cahoots against them. Lieutenant Martell snuck over to the alternative exit, and finding it guarded by two Sith guards, he quickly improvised and ordered them to assist him, the Kaleesh were rebelling and would attack Darth Hadrod, they had to assist. The Sith, simply following orders from the uniformed officer, rushed to the lip of the theatre, and began firing down upon the Kaleesh.

As Rusong Lah successfully rallied the Kaleesh to his cause, Darth Hadrod became enraged, throwing a burst of Sith lightning into the crowd, he stormed off, intent on calling his soldiers in to deal with the intruders and put an end to this display. And mysteriously, several of the Kaleesh, along with one of the Sith troopers, found themselves assaulted by an invisible force, on which Lieutenant Martell could make out amidst the chaos, a ripple in the background of the room, something using a cloaking device. Eventually, the room was cleared of all but a single Kaleesh who had sided with the Hunters. He agreed to return to his village and rally the Kaleesh warriors there and return to battle Darth Hadrod, but upon leaving the temple with Lieutenant Martell, they found the guards and others in the area dead, and Darth Hadrod’s shuttle destroyed.

Lieutenant Martell returned, only to discover the same invisible figures tampering with the temple doors, locking the Hunters in. Unable to wait for backup from the Kaleesh, they tracked down Darth Hadrod and engaged him. The Sith lord had been trying to contact his men, only to find himself jammed and no responses coming. In rage, the Sith lord revealed the truth, the Kaleesh god Qumaen Jai Sheelai was better known to the galaxy at large as General Grievous, and Darth Hadrod’s body had been remade in the same fashion, the metal painted black and red in the same tattoo patterns of the other Sith. The massive cyborg Sith Lord assaulted the group, who battled on against him. But strangely, as the battle reached its most critical point, Darth Hadrod hesitated, his attention drawn away, as he was mentally struck in the Force by a mysterious presence. Across the universe, this event repeated with every Sith Lord, as Darth Krayt reemerged from stasis fully healed, and announced his presence to all those who served him.

As the Hunters prepared to press this advantage, the cloaked warriors revealed themselves, savagely executing Darth Hadrod in a display of precision fire. The cloaks dropped, revealing the forms of three powerful looking Battle Droids, ones which would later be identified to be streamlined rebuilds of the droid Shioshi. Stating that their Master had sent them to dispense Judgement and Sentence, the leader of the three droids declared the Hunters guilty of interfering in their masters plan, and the sentence was to be extermination. Despite the Droids adaptation to the groups defenses, slowly building an awareness of their vulnerabilities, the Hunters were able to destroy these attackers, surviving to claim the bounty on Darth Hadrod, but receiving ominous news from ODIN, they had not been the only ones attacked by these Droids, two of their former contacts from within Black Sun lie dead, killed in the same manner these Droids had butchered the Sith and Kaleesh within the tomb. Someone is making a move specifically against the Hunters of the Noble Rose and everyone they have dealt with.



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