Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Heading Deeper

He's not Stupid, He's My Cousin

The generator room behind them, the Hunters of the Noble Rose move forward in the Veragassi Asteroid Belt Pirate Base. One objective completed, two more to go, to hack the central base computer for ODIN, and to cut off the pirate organization’s head, Captain Dannoos. Following the main breaker out of the Generator room, the group heads deeper into the facility through the maintenance tunnels.

The path of the main breaker ended at a relatively simple storage room, which the party ransacked for supplies, finding a large supply of reserve Bacta, as well as two computer spikes which may prove useful in hacking the main computer. Leaving the supply room behind, they emerged into a large, clean, well-lit Security room staffed by several on-duty guards and two mean looking Security Droids. Rather then fight their way through (as usual), the group decided to maintain its rather subtle approach to this operation, and played every bluff and lie they could.

Attempting to find the barracks to wash off after the Dianoga encounter, Rusong Lah and Lieutenant Martell approached the security chief and were largely ignored, given base directions, and sent on their way. But Kith’ruin’du attempted to be far more, and then less subtle. His bluff attempts to get into the central computer room were successful, but an impressive security array requiring hand and retinal scans foiled his attempt at being clever, and he resorted to violence, attempting, but failing, to grab the security chief in a big hug. Only quick thinking form Rusong Lah avoided combat, as he was able to convince the Chief, eager to put distance between himself and the potentially mentally-handicapped Chiss, to let them escort their disturbed friend away.

From the security station, the group entered into a makeshift tech lab, where several computer technicians sat around, running diagnostics on their test systems and tinkering with various weaponry and devices. Now was Rusong Lah, the Techno-Vong‘s time to shine, as he eagerly presented his card and convinced the IT Head of his authentic credentials and suave business sensibility. Clearly wooed by the charismatic Vong, she agreed to lead them to the central CPU and grant them access. And although the security chief wasn’t really sure he believed it, a quick confirmation from the IT head, combined with the Vong’s convincing story of his idiot savant cousin (Kith’ruin’du), and they suddenly had access.

Entering the computer room, said savant quickly got to work, gaining basic access. But, he was unable to bypass the three security levels indirectly, and had to enter the computer’s various pass codes. Level 1 was easy, a simple numerical pattern done in an archaic coding, but Level 2 was more difficult, requiring a trained mind which none of the group possessed, so they simply burnt a Computer Spike and hacked it. However, the third Level was easier, requiring the admin password for the system, which the group was happy to learn was indeed, ‘password’.

With full access to the pirate’s information, the Hunter’s proceeded to upload the information to ODIN. Hyperspace lanes, expanded maps of Wild Space, and any other information which ODIN could use to further explore the unknown territories, and establish patrols to prevent further Pirate activity such as this. But the prize piece of information came in the form of a highly classified report for the captain’s eyes only, which outlined the current ‘dig project’ on a previously unknown world. This dig, according to the pirate’s vague and not-so-scholarly notes, was yielding many fascinating and expensive artifacts from some kind of buried temple complex.

Data now acquired, only one task remained, to find and eliminate the pirate captain. Uploading a map of the asteroid from the CPU, Kith’ruin’du marched the group to the concourse to enter the bridge. But immediately standing in the concourse were three pirates in heavier armor then those encountered before in the Hangar Bay. They had been hunting someone causing disturbances, and seeing the Hunters immediately assumed it was them. They opened fire at the group without hesitation.

Surprise round shots were fired, but before the Pyro Welder leading the group could blink off a second shot, he burst into his constituent particles after a withering assault by Kith’ruin’du. But not to be dismayed, one of the heavy troopers ran out of the concourse, returning with a vicious Bounty Hunter who had been working under the pirate’s employ. With this warrior on their side, the pirates were able to hold their own more readily, but they were still outnumbered and outclassed. Unlocking the door to the bridge, the party stepped into the security station, ready to fight.

But what greeted them was a scene from a massacre. The lights were flickering, some power disruption caused by the massive amounts of damage the security station had suffered. The room was ripped apart with swift, precise strikes that seemed designed to inflict maximum damage. At the front of the room near the door, the two lifeless guards were nearly embedded into the wall, and upon closer examination, there bodies were bruised, broken, and bloodied, but they had died of a broken throat… a broken throat upon which there was no bruises… And despite the evidence all pointing to a Jedi or Sith, the room was torn apart, no evidence of Lightsaber burns on either the room or the bodies.

What if the guards in the concourse hadn’t been hunting the party, but rather, a new player who had tore his way onto the Bridge. All that remains of their mission is to kill the pirate captain, but the question now is, had someone else beat them to it?



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