Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim


The Martell Tragedy

Having received a distress call from his father, Lieutenant Martell convinced the crew of the Noble Rose to rush to his aid. But first, the group made the acquaintance of a new warrior, the Bounty Hunter Troika Nobrose, who had heard of the groups outstanding reputation and winnings in the recent Gladiatorial games. Now, the Hunters hired Troika Nobrose aboard as a member of the Noble Rose.

Next, the ship made its way to the Martell Estate. Emerging from this ship, Lieutenant Martell was greeted by his father, warmly considering the distance they had held between each other. The crew was taken to quarters with Admiral Martell’s mansion, and were invited to dinner.

But Admiral Martell couldn’t make it to the dinner. The group ate in silence before they noticed that the room was filling with some kind of gas. With some horrible trap revealed, they struggled to escape the room, blowing open the door only to find the hallway blockaded by Sith Troopers, who opened fire on the Hunters. The Hunters took down the Riot troopers, and made their way through the mansion in order to find Admiral Martell and discover why he had betrayed them.

On the way, the group ransacked the mansion, breaking into several museum pieces dedicated to the heroes of the Galactic Empire who most embodied the ideals of the Fel Empire, General Veers, Turr Phennir, Admiral Pellaeon, and the first Emperor Fel. Each of these statues held an artifact once owned by the historical figure. Armed with the weapons of the Empire’s greatest leaders, the Hunters made their way into the lower level of the mansion. There, they were ambushed by Sith Assassins, but even these vicious warriors were no match for the Hunters.

At last, they tracked down Admiral Martell in his botanical garden, where they were surprised to find the man who had orchestrated the betrayal, their old Master, Lord Morigis. His arm replaced with cybernetics, his power increased by his anger at the Noble Rose, Lord Morigis had offered Admiral Martell his sons life in exchange for the deaths of the other Hunters. But he had altered the deal, intending to kill them all, starting with Admiral Martell, who he force choked and threw against the wall.

But approaching the group, he sensed something else, calling him. Grabbing the group with the Force, he levitated the Holocron the Hunters had found on Ruuria into his hand. Staring into the Holocron, Lord Morigis succumbed to its voice, shattering the device in his hand, embedding the fragments of the Holocron in his forehead, and losing control of his will. Having waited for centuries within his holocron, Darth Shadrus had finally found new flesh, a new body to inhabit, and decided to test his powers on the Hunters of the Noble Rose arrayed before him.

The battle against the possessed Lord Morigis was long and hard, as the Sith Lord seemed to battle on with no loss in stamina, drawing on the ancient spirit of Darth Shadrus. Several of the Hunters attempted to heal the dying Admiral Martell, but an unfortunate attempt to use him as thrown weapon proved disastrous for the man’s failing health. But the old man was healed enough to allow him one final shot, always a sharp shot, Admiral Martell fired his blaster at Lord Morigis, and struck the shard of the holocron that had pierced his forehead. The spirit of Darth Shadrus screamed in agony and dissolved, releasing Lord Morigis, who now found himself without power and feeling the full pain of the wounds inflicted by the Hunters. And with that, the Hunters of the Noble Rose put him down, finally putting the last ties to their former lives behind them. Admiral Martell was too far gone to save, and out of respect for his death as a warrior, Rusong Lah put him out of his misery with one final strike.

Departing the planet, Lieutenant Martell received one final message from his father, a posthumous apology, saying goodbye and asking for his son’s forgiveness at his father’s weakness, he expressed that in the end, his son was likely the stronger of the two. As Lieutenant Martell contemplated both his father’s message and the path life had given him, the Noble Rose headed towards the coordinates provided by the Black Sun Underlord Duepos, for their next job.



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