Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

It Begins

The Cult, Revealed

A neutral planet was chosen, and as per the terms of the negotiations, the group would come in its entirety with one member of the Cult of Illviii, Shioshi. That Droid would broadcast a holographic transmission from Thrawn for the negotions. All the group had to do was accompany the Droid, and wait while they negotiate a partnership with Revan. But, there was so much more approaching, the Force users sensed a great pall of darkness on the horizon, the Force is cloaked in shadows, and something horrible was approaching.

Not everything went as expected however, as this meeting had been a long time in coming, awaited by the Cult of Illviii for centuries. Face to face with Revan, Shioshi assaulted the Jedi in a frenzy of melee combat. Unsure of how to proceed, the mercenaries attempted to calm the situation down, and just as Shioshi prepared to make the final strike against Revan, he hesitated, unable to kill the ancient Jedi. It was at this time when the group breathed a sigh of relief, only for the greatest evil to be struck from within the group itself, as Paxis struck, delivering the killing blow to Revan that the Droid was unable to do.

At this moment, the Cult of Illviii began their grand scheme, all had awaited on the death of Revan, a task which they themselves could not complete, but for which they had set Paxis in motion to achieve. Shioshi activated his full potential, and several mysterious creature-like Droid’s broke through the earth, attacking the party. Even amidst this chaos, the group was able to band together and fight back, in the end, they succeeded in destroying Shioshi and pushed the strange Droid’s into retreat.

The 3rd of the Cult, Shioshi, lay destroyed, but the Cult of Illviii had mobilized, revealing itself as a horrific force. Now, they were moving out to prepare for their final attack, one which would cripple the Empire of the Hand and leave the galaxy wide open for their assault.

The only ray of hope lay in T3-M4, the ancient astromech droid that had downloaded some information from Shioshi. In the care of Raxar Kun, the Droid had been ordered by Revan to accompany the party to its final destination, the Cult of Illviii’s base of operations to confront and destroy the threat they presented once and for all.

Above, Thrawn’s fleet appeared in the atmosphere, and within moments, his shuttle touched down, extracting the mercenaries to make preparations of an all-out assault by the Empire of the Hand against the forces of the Cult of Illviii.



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