Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Loose Ends

Back on the Farm

After turning in the bounty on Darth Hadrod, the Hunters of the Noble Rose were contacted by ODIN regarding an emergency situation, two of their contacts were dead. The Black Sun operatives the group had been paying for information were found butchered mysteriously in their quarters, apparently victims to a blade through the throat at point blank range and with no struggle. With the reports of the assault on the Hunters by strange droids on Kalee, ODIN became concerned that these assassins are the same, and deemed it necessary to place protection upon anyone associated with the Noble Rose, starting with the most critical target.

Secluded deep on the Inner Rim world Thyferra, renowned for its production of Bacta, was one such contact. Landing at one of the Vratix Cities closest to their target, the Hunters spend some time shopping the city before renting a speeder and heading out across the plains, following the directions until they reached an ancient cave complex. The cave was littered with bones of various creatures, humanoids, and old equipment that must have been sitting here nearly two hundred years, long since devoid of any value.

Hidden by the surrounding forest and the looming mountain range under which they had just passed, the Hunters found an old farm complex producing Bacta, run by the insectoid Vratix, and their former contact, the former Dark Hunter Staves. He bowed before the group, and gave them a small tour of the facility.

Originally run by an eccentric human and his family many years before the Clone Wars, they had supported the Jedi, and paid for it when they were wiped out by the Separatist Alliance during the war. The well hidden facility had been abandoned since then, until ODIN arranged for its purchase and reconstruction as part of the negotiated agreement to hide Staves. The Bacta production payed well, but not enough to draw attention to the operation.

But as the Hunters looked over the production facility, an earshattering noise tore through the air, and you several small shudders rocked the facility, something just crashed nearby. Emerging from the farm buildings, the group saw the the glow of fire out in the forest, and the glint of metal emerging from the trees as dozens of Battle Droids marched into the compound.

Swarms of Droids assaulted the group in waves, amongst these invaders were more of the streamlined droids resembling Shioshi and Grez. As the group battled on, Lieutenant Martell contacted Jarn Organa, telling him to launch the Noble Rose and investigate where these Droids were coming from. To his surprise, Jarn found a massive ship in orbit, launching drop pods filled with the Droids down to the planet below. As he flew by the large ship, Jarn placed a tracer on it, its transponder identification listed the ship as the Bound Anvil.

As the battle seemed to finally end, a last, lone droid emerged form the forest, firing a shot at Staves. This was the design of the final Cult of Illviii droid, Lekad, but against this Droid, the Hunters were still able to prevail, with the heroic Lisa Talken destroying the monstrous machine after the tragic death of Noble 3.

As everyone bandaged up and recovered from the battle, the group saw an opportunity, to pursue this mysterious ship back to its source, and maybe uncover the truth behind these mysterious attacks against them.



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