Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Make with the Murder

Killing Black Sun - For Black Sun

The Hunters of the Noble Rose arrived at the coordinates provided by the Underlord of Black Sun, a hidden base concealed within a large Asteroid. There, the group moved through the dim hallway until at last they faced him, Underlord Duepos. The head of Black Sun had an offer for the Hunters, to track down a mysterious Jedi who had infiltrated his organization. This Jedi had been destroying Black Sun assets and sabotaging the organization, and to that end, Underlord Duepos wanted him dead. But the Jedi was already too deeply concealed in Black Sun, and as such, the hunt could not be trusted to those within the organization, else the Jedi would know he was being hunted.

To find his true identity and eliminate him as a threat, Underlord Duepos wanted the Hunters to become a threat to Black Sun in the hopes that the Jedi would approach the group as allies. The group accepted, and the Underlord gave them several weapons, as well as the name of a Black Sun Smuggler Lord the Vigo Gar Delos, who would serve as an easy target, a smugglers den which had ceased being profitable. He desired the group to enter the Smuggler’s den, and wipe them out. All of them.

Following the coordinates provided by Underlord Duepos, the group arrived at the Crossroads where they were to meet the Black Sun’s envoys. And, as planned, the murder began in earnest, with the group slaughtering the envoys and stealing their speeder. Returning to the Smuggler’s base in their new speeder, the group arranged to enter the base in the easiest way possible, by ramming the speeder into the door. As the Hunters began to pick apart the smugglers, Rusong Lah intimidated his way through the crowds of bar patrons, attempting to sway as many of the smugglers to work along with them as possible, and killing the rest. Three of these smugglers were dissatisfied enough with the poor leadership of Vigo Gar Delos that they turned on their employer, working alongside the Hunters.

Meanwhile, Kith’ruin’du began plowing the speeder through the bar, making his way to the upper level, the speeder screaming in protest at every step, but he finally arrived at the top level of the Smuggler’s den, finding the Vigo Gar Delos watching the chaos in comfort alongside one of the ominous Dark Hunters, Staves. As Kith’ruin’du smashed the speeder into Vigo Gar Delos, crushing the Smuggler Lord, Staves lunged atop the speeder, ripping open the vehicle, forcing it to crash in a fiery blaze.

With everyone else dead in the bar except Staves, the Hunters of the Noble Rose made their retreat, and the Dark Hunter merely watched from the burning upper reaches of the Smuggler’s Den, not attempting to pursue the group. With Vigo Gar Delos dead, the Hunters began to search for additional targets of opportunity within Black Sun. Away from the carnage, the Hunters discussed the future of their three new employees, agents of Black Sun who had risked their careers to take out Vigo Gar Delos. And now, some credits passing hands, they worked for the Noble Rose as operatives within Black Sun who would serve as information brokers for the Hunters.



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