Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

No Seriously, its Not a Trap

At Least, not the First Part

The group, having received further information on its mysterious contact, has decided to meet him in person, rather then proceed straight to ODIN with the news of Sabers death. With Jarn Organa tracing back the signal, the message lead to the Planet Phindar, and in particular, a high-scale restaurant in one of the planets busier cities. There, the contact was hiding in plain sight, in an area of the city where any of the groups usual combat theatrics would result in more attention then either side wanted.

Inside the upscale bar, a cloaked figure sat alone, and upon seeing the Hunters of the Noble Rose enter, he beckoned them over. Surprisingly, or perhaps not, he revealed himself to be Staves, the second in command of the Dark Hunters, but he told the group that the death of Sabers had done anything but put him in command. Instead, seizing on the vacuum in power, the vicious Coins has grabbed hold of the massive Dark Hunters arsenal and power base, and is using it in massive quantities. Staves warned the Hunters that with his instability and newly acquired free reign, Coins will be more dangerous then ever.

But, most surprising was Staves offer to the Hunters. For extraction, a new identity, and enough credits to live in luxurious anonymity, Staves would supply the Hunters and ODIN with the locations of every stockpile, factory, and agent the Dark Hunters had, and to ensure his honesty, he offered a list of agents working within ODIN itself. All the agents were accounted for save one, the head operative, placed very highly within ODIN who had reported to Sabers alone. If he had learned of Sabers before he could be confronted, the damage he could cause to ODIN would be irreparable. With Staves offer in mind, the group returned to the location of ODIN’s primary fleet, and docked with the flagship, the Guarding Reach. There, they met with Mandalore the Trenchant and claimed the bounty on Sabers. With Thrawn and Revan both preoccupied on ODIN business, Mandalore the Trenchant had been left in charge of the primary fleet.

Casually investigating the officers quarters, the group began to take note of the names of the traitors on the list, but couldn’t make any headway with either the Mandalorians or the Chiss. It seemed that any of the soldiers loyal to Revan mysteriously absent from the ship, the primary crew of the Guarding Reach was made up of members of the Empire of the Hand and the Mandalorians. After talking with Jepas Kord, the Mandalorian office, and Davar’tu’Nesu, the Empire of the Hand officer, the Hunters still had no leads on the traitor. Running low on patience and out of question, the Hunters retired to the cabins provided by Mandalore aboard the Flagship, but at sometime during the night, Rusong Lah awoke to find the group under assault, a deadly group of assassins had infiltrated the cabin, intent to kill the group. While they nearly succeeded, the Hunters of the Noble Rose managed to survive, killing the assassins. A quick check revealed that they were all sleeper agents listed on Staves datapad.

Making their way to the bridge, the Guarding Reach was suddenly rocked by an explosion, something inside the ship had been blown apart, smashing the group into the wall of the careening ship. As the emergency lights came on, the group found themselves sealed onto the forward section of the ship, and made their way to the bridge. Talking their way past the Mandalorians guarding the control room, the Hunters entered the bridge and confronted Mandalore the Trenchant, and a casual slip of the tongue revealed that Mandalore knew more then he should. Confronted as the traitor, Mandalore accused the Hunters of being the true traitors, and ordered his bridge crew to kill them.

The crew of the Guarding Reach wasn’t sure what to do, but quickly made up their minds when Rusong Lah made a few easily misinterpreted comments, namely, slicing one of the crew members in half. This galvanized the crew against the party, and the guards from outside rushed to assist while Mandalore stood back and worked on the main ship console. Unwilling to let Mandalore alone to do whatever treachery he planned, the group fired on him as well, making the situation a deadly three-way battle against the crew, guards, and the heavily armed and violent Mandalore as well.

As Mandalore continued to take hits against his armor, the warrior eventually dropped to the deck. Squirming unnaturally beneath his clothing, Mandalore emerged from the slumping clothing like some kind of snake shedding its skin, the truth of the traitor was revealed, a vile Shi’ido skinshifter. The revealed traitor was known as Fo Biseten, and in contrast to Mandalore’s heavily armed assaults, now unencumbered by the armor of his disguise, Fo Biseten attacked with swift claw strikes and acrobatic assaults. And with the revelation of the traitors identity, the remaining Bridge crew turned its fire on the deadly shape-changer, and the Hunters combined with the ODIN crew were able to take down the traitor before his plans had been fully realized.

Exhausted, the Hunters turned over the list of traitors to the commanders of the Mandalorian and Empire of the Hand forces, and the purge began. The Guarding Reach had lost one of its engines, but nothing beyond repair, and the real Mandalore the Trenchant was found alive, as Fo Biseten had been forced to act too quickly. Now, with the deal with Staves about to be cemented, and the Dark Hunters forces about to be rooted out across the Outer Rim, only one final obstacle remained for the Hunters of the Noble Rose. Coins.



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