Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Off With Their Heads

Enter the Permacrete Detonator

The following is an archived record of events regarding what our operations have labeled ‘The Partisan Gambit’. These archives will detail the series of major circumstances which led up to the defection of the Mandalorian Mud Squad to the Empire of the Hand. This entry retells the first known incident, code named ‘Off With Their Heads’.

On the way back from Dathomir, the squad received the news that Mandalore the Infinite had been murdered. Rather then returning to The Yard, they were redirected to the new home world of the Mandalorians. With the death of their leader, the primary emotion filling the warriors was rage, a burning desire for vengeance against whoever committed the affront. The death of their leader was clearly going to lead to war.

The funeral for Mandalore the Infinite was a simple funeral pyre, with nearly all of the clan leaders arriving to pay their respects, and turning to look inwards to carry out a rite of succession and declare the next Mandalore. Amidst the contenders of the clans, one clear favorite was the son of Mandalore the Infinite, another clone of the Fett line, this warrior declared his intention to make the Mandalorian’s a galactic power once again, to bring back their glory. He vowed that he would avenge his father, and at the end of the events, he was declared the new Mandalore.

With the clans gearing up for the future combat, Mud Squad was quickly tapped to follow up on the little good information they had regarding the death of Mandalore the Infinite, the disappearance of the leader’s head. Tracing events after the murder, it was obvious that some courier had picked up an unaccounted package and departed without notice. As Mud Squad traced him, they discovered that the courier was delivering supplies to a hidden Jedi Enclave. While initial negotiations went poorly, the Mandalorian’s fought against the Jedi as best they could, but were threatened to be overwhelmed by the Jedi forces. Amidst this combat, one of the Mud Squad soldiers pulled out a singularly powerful weapon, a Permacrete Detonator which had been supplied by Swindle without Captain Zim‘s knowledge. The deadly weapon was thrown in the hopes of taking the Jedi off guard, but the soldier underestimated both the detonator’s deadly payload, and the adjustments made by Swindle. The detonator had secretly been sabotaged, and its explosion leveled a massive portion of the Jedi Enclave, and nearly killed the Mando’s present along with Captain Zim. Swindle was mysteriously absent when the bomb was detonated.

Damage done by the Permacrete Detonator – Note the crater in the lower left corner

Despite its backfire, the detonator did cause the Jedi to stop their assault and regroup, allowing the Mandalorian’s to reattempt negotiations. However, the courier the Mandalorian’s had tracked was present, attacked by the squad Swindle had been leading. When confronted, the courier responded violently, he was in truth an Imperial Knight with orders to deliver his package to the Fel Empire, undisturbed. The Jedi attempted to end the carnage, and prepared to put down both the Imperial Knight, and the Mandalorians, in a battle that would have ended in deaths on all sides, but at the last moment after the Imperial Knight fell, a mysterious Force Wielder appeared, and in a massive display of power, halted both the Jedi and the Mandalorian’s. The Jedi, wishing to avoid any unnecessary bloodshed, and sensing some darker motive behind the assault which the Mandalorian’s were not part of, ended the battle at this point.

In the Imperial Knight’s cargo was the severed head of Mandalore the Infinite. Horrified, the Jedi told the Mandalorians they had no knowledge of the identity of the courier, or his cargo. With this, Mud Squad and the Jedi parted with an uneasy truce, neither side fully prepared to walk away from the battle. The Jedi were seemingly cleared of the death of Mandalore the Infinite, but the evidence now pointed squarely at the Fel Empire, and once alerted to this, the new Mandalore vowed revenge.



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