Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Rage in the Dark

Where it All Ends

The Hunters of the Noble Rose awoke in a dimly lit cell, the lights above them blinking erratically, making it hard to focus. As expected, they found themselves stripped of their weapons and armor, with no Bacta supplies, the group expected that the next time they would be pulled out of the cell will be to face an execution. Troika Nobrose moved quickly to hack into one cell door, while on the other side of the prison, Rusong Lah smashed his way through. Inside the main room, several battle droids running the counsels immediately came to attention and attacked the escapees, but were simple tech droids with little combat ability, and were easily overwhelmed once the Hunters found their weapons, conveniently stacked on a table in the middle of the room. Completely gearing themselves back up, the Hunters began to enter the facility they found themselves imprisoned in, to find a way out.

Making their way out of the prison, the Hunters sneak through the seemingly abandoned facility, but they had little doubt that they are walking amidst enemy territory. Entering a small room, the group begins to search, finding the evidence of an elevator, it makes it less then surprising when the floor begins to raise up, the ceiling opening above, and they found themselves emerging up into a sunken arena-like structure.

From above, Swindle‘s voice echoed through the arena, "You found your way here, did you? And did you find my little surprise on the way, let’s see?" Swindle activates several shock bombs in the Hunters armor, causing them to suffer a severe, but not yet fatal shock. Laughing, Swindle revealed that the prison break on Ruuria so long ago had been arranged by him, had the group done what they were supposed to, kill Raxar Kun rather then join him, then they would have been working for Swindle comfortably, rather then lining up for death. With that, Swindle emerged from arena entrance in the Octavis Personal Assault Armor, determined to show the group the suits full abilities, and to see who was lucky enough to die, and who would get placed back into the prison to await future ‘games’ for Swindle’s amusement.

It soon became obvious that the Octavis Personal Assault Armor, was way too much for the group to handle, and as the Hunter’s began to look for an additional escape route, Swindle grew tired of his overt advantage, and ordered in several Battle Droids to finish off the Hunters and ‘escort’ them back to their cells. But this time, as the arena door opened, a flare-like device emerged like a rocket, striking the Octavis in the back. This single rocket shot electrical arcs to jump across the Suit, causing it to stagger backward, several of its weapons exploding from the impact, and as the electricity died down, it seemed the Suit began operating with much less efficiency.

Emerging from the open tunnel comes Lieutenant Martell (IIIIIRROOOONN MAAAAAAN) leading Noble Squad, the destruction of the Noble Rose had been real, but no one had been aboard, ODIN had been prepared, and expected a strike against the Hunters of the Noble Rose upon their capture of the Octavis Personal Assault Armor, and prepared. When Lieutenant Martell had jumped off the city on Sedri into the waters below, he had found himself rescued, pulled out of the air by the Force as Revan rescued him, having been waiting with a ship to save Jarn Organa and Noble Squad. As Swindle had departed, they had been ready, tracking him by following sensors that ODIN had placed in the groups armor.

Now, with Lieutenant Martell and Noble Squad, the Hunters were able to destroy the Octavis, but inside, the cockpit of the mobile suit held no one. But Lieutenant Martell smirked, ODIN had already informed him that the remote control on the Octavis isn’t long range enough, Swindle was still here, and ODIN was already ready for him. Lieutenant Martell led the group back into the tunnels away from the arena, and headed to intercept Swindle at the Hangar Bay.

Emerging into the Hangar Access, the group entered the shuttle bay, where they saw, in the flesh, Swindle entering from the front corridor. But the shuttle’s ramp was blocked by the groups AT-ST Big Bruce. Cursing, Swindle rushed through a side exit, closing the blast doors behind him. As the group enters behind him, the door closing completely behind them, Swindle turned from his run and raised his twin vibroblades. “Fine, you want to do this, I can end you just like I did before!"

Despite the warriors considerable skill with his weapons and melee combat, as well as a seemingly endless supply of battle droids which flooded into the base, the crew of the Noble Rose finally triumphed, as Rusong Lah delivered a fatal blow with a Blast bug, Swindle finally fell. Collapsing to his knees, the ultimate con-man smirked, coughing up blood, he glanced up at his attackers and managed a final laugh “My… last con… couldn’t… couldn’t cheat… Death… after all." He fell forward, dead.

Down below, the tunnels of the facility in an off-shoot from the path that Noble Squad had taken to get up to the Hangar Bay, a single figure walked with confidence, attired in the uniform of ODIN, he had fought alongside his enemies in the arena above, they hadn’t suspected him at all. There had been one extra soldier amidst them, but with his visor down, in the chaos, no one had noticed. It hadn’t gone according to plan, but still, this would work. He would have preferred that the Hunters of the Noble Rose had died, if just for simple personal vengeance, but that didn’t matter now. Swindle, the original, non-clone Swindle, would disappear now. He would get as far from ODIN as he could and start rebuilding. There were a few caches of funds and supplies with which he could begin again. With Sever dead, no one would suspect he still lived, everything would work out.

He paused when he heard the telltale sound of a Lightsaber snap to life behind him. The blue glow lit the hallway, and he slowly raised his hands over his head. “I’m beaten you know.” He announced to the figure without turning. “I’m done. You guys win. All I want to do now is disappear, and I’ll never trouble you again. You’re a Jedi, you can sense I’m telling the truth.” No response came. “Look, you going to take me in? Just get it over with… I surrender, fine, what do you want?” Still, the silence filled the hallway. Trying to sound annoyed, but the fear creeping into his voice, Swindle tried to figure out what was going on. “You that Jarn Organa guy? Look, I’ve got credits stashed away, I’ll pay for your ship, I’ll pay for damages, I just want to live… I throw myself on your vaunted Jedi mercy,” Swindle turned to finally face his captor, but found no human face, only the outline of a Mandalorian Mask, covered in a black hood, its outline made clear in the blue glow of the Lightsaber.

“No mercy.” Revan said, and in a single effortless motion he decapitated him. The Jedi Master deactivated his lightsaber and turned, heading back through the tunnels.



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