Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Ruins of Ossus

Library Diving

The following is an archived record of events regarding what our operations have labeled The Awakening. These archives will detail the series of major circumstances which led up to the first access into the Black Temple. Some of this information has newly come to light, and expands upon other previously released information. This entry retells the third known incident, code named ‘Ruins of Ossus’.
Darth Trasis lay dead, the last shot taken by Mandalore the Infinite then led the group to a waiting ship, armed, fueled, and ready to fly, and handed the ships codes to Raxar Kun. The mercenary group boarded their new escape vessel, and took off. Soon after, a message flashed across the new ship, apparently from The Master, who had already managed to hack into the ships ID system and send a message. To the group, he appeared as only a cloaked figure, human proportioned and speaking in basic. He spoke charismatically, attempting to pass himself off as a collector of interesting artifacts, and lost lore, such as the Holocron. To that end, the Holocron was an incomplete specimen, requiring a second component. The piece itself was secured within the Jedi Archives, in the ruined temple on Ossus.

“Consider this a temp job, succeed, and I shall ‘hire’ you full time into my organization. Obtain either fragment, and meet me at the marked location I am uploading to your ship, on the designated date, and I can assure you… we will both enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.” An analyzation of the information uploaded gave a planet position identical to the map and coordinates the group had found previously aboard the Bright Bauble.

As the group made further inquiries about his name, the mysterious figure told them he was known as Master Prorok. After a small debate, and knowing full well that the corpses of 4 dead Sith Lords litter the path behind you, not to mention one face-to-face call to a very cranky Darth Krayt, the group quickly set a course for Ossus, despite the fact that no one could help feeling that Master Prorok was more then he seemed. Up to this point, the groups they had encountered working on his behalf including a random mixture of mercenaries, many of them cyborgs, along with rather high-tech assassin droids, and an inordinate amount of his men armed with explosives. The force-users of the party maintained that there was no active deception about his mannerisms, or his voice. However, they could not sense any intent or motivation… whoever Master Prorok is, it seemed he could at least become a source of steady income to the group. And with that, the group headed to Ossus.

The terrors of Ossus were many and varied. The Yuuzhan Vong guarding Ossus had bred horrifying creatures, such as the massive Ouro’thun Worm. Inside, the old Library Guardian had long since gone insane, but the group negotiated their way past it by claiming to be Jedi on a recovery mission. Most terrifying were the mysterious visions in the bowels of the Jedi Temple that would continue to haunt some of the party. Visions of beings of terrifying power, light and dark clashing within their own minds, and the dire warnings from the Spirit of Luke Skywalker himself… Their greatest foe was what lies within. The Holocrons knowledge will bring only Darkness. Even if the knowledge is used with the best intentions.

Deeper in the library, they were able to convince the Yuuzhan Vong Warriors guarding the Jedi artifacts that the Holocron key would be safer with them, making a promise to return everything they take once it was safe. Despite the promises, the Yuuzhan Vong’s most elite squad, 5 vicious warriors working in tandem, attacked. As the last member fell, the Vong spat out a curse… “Heretic… Traitor… Abomination… do not… trust it…”

All of this was apparently to Master Prorok’s approval, as he now knew the mercenary party was both willing, and very able to help him fight in his cause. “I knew I made the right choice. Your trials here have only made you stronger. The Force flows through you, after all… it’s in your Blood.” In your Blood… it was an odd statement, ominous to Raxar Kun because it echoed the very thing Exar Kun, revealed to be his ancestor, had said to him in his vision… “The Dark Side is your true Power! It is in your Blood!”

And now, Master Prorok. An admitted man of many names, he had seen fit to finally tell the group the first name he had, long ago… Anakin Solo. But knowing his true identity, there remained a mystery surrounding him. As the group approached, many members noticed irregularities in his skin, as it seems to move unnaturally, against the will of its mind. But Anakin noticed it as well, and in the force, a sudden flash of intense anger and rage was quickly masked by serenity, and the skin stopped its agitated movement. The Kamino scientist standing nearby silently moved to inject something into Anakin’s upper arm. “You have no idea what the Yuuzhan Vong subjected me to.” He announces, his voice dire.

Anakin, now in possession of the completed Holocron, places the final piece into the slot. A projection of the planet Dathomir appears, complete with a very specific map, pointing to a valley far from the occupied areas of the planet. “This is where we have to go. Inside this valley, we will find the knowledge to defeat my enemy.”

The mercenaries were committed to helping Anakin, but questions remained. They asked The Master, why they were so important to his plans.

Anakin explained that another force was seeking Sith artifacts, among them, the secrets to Sith Alchemy. Within the Holocron rested the exact location of a Sith Temple, constructed long ago and containing a weapon of indescribable power. Their group’s true purpose remained a mystery, but their continued presence seemed to be a message from the Force that they had some major part to play. One of the members seemed of special interest to Anakin, the former slave Paxis, once a native of Dathomir, a coincidence that seemed too good to be true.

But just then, Anakin’s comlink beeped, and upon answering it, his face grew more and more concerned. He claimed that the terrible foe he had alluded to was preparing to assault his main base, and the mercenaries would need to defend it before they could head to Dathomir.



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