Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Sands of Time

Mandatory Trip to Tatooine

With the threats of Mandalore the Crusader and Swindle neutralized, The Cult of Illviii had been working to track down the mysterious force user who had appeared to save the mercenary group twice. It was their hope that he would lead to the ancient Force user once frozen in carbonite inside the Black Temple on Dathomir. Finally, cross-checking ship arrivals and departures from previous missions, they were able to track one ship which had made appearances coincided with both incidents… now, it has been tracked to Tatooine.

The group was sent to find that strange warrior who had on numerous occasions confronted them. Their orders were to, upon finding him, negotiate a meeting with his Master at a neutral meeting place, and if possible, the direct presence of Thrawn and the Droids of the Cult of Illviii. Should negotiations not be possible, they were authorized to use force to subdue the Force user for interrogation by the Empire of the Hand.

Upon landing, the group worked to track down their target, only to receive slightly too much information. It led to a canyon deep within the wastes, and a cave system long buried that had only recently been uncovered by the desert winds, it seem almost as if their target has laid out the clues to let himself be found. Finding the warrior within the ancient cave, they found him meditating nearby an ancient, destroyed device which he called a Star Map. The mysterious target was in truth the groups former companion, Raxar Kun, who explained that he had spent his time training with the Master who emerged from the Black Temple that day so long ago. He was sent to Tatooine by his master to await their arrival, and should they come, to arrange the very meeting between Thrawn and the force user now identified as Revan.

As they made negotiations, outside of the cave, a congregation of Sand People had begun to gather, their war drums resonating throughout the cave. Hoping to avoid confrontation, the group journeyed deeper into the cave, finding within a family of young Krayt dragons which they killed. Deeper into the cave, they Krayt dragons only got bigger, and the group managed to find a pristine Krayt Dragon Pearl within one of them. At the caverns end, they finally uncovered the Krayt Dragon’s Matriarch, a gargantuan dragon which they had no hopes of defeating, forcing their retreat.

As the group emerged into the desert above, the Sand People, enraged by their emergence from such a sacred site, prepared to assault them in massive numbers, but they halted when one of the members presented the Krayt Dragon pearl. Awed, the Sand People’s chieftain approached, and held forth a hand. They gave the chief the pearl, and suddenly found themselves honored, and allowed free passage from the site. With the sandy world of Tatooine now behind them, they returned to Thrawn to make plans for the negotiations to take place between these two great powers.



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