Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

The Anvil Will Fall

This was a Triumph

The Hunters of the Noble Rose emerged from hyperspace at the source of the tracer’s signal, not quite sure what to expect. The space around them was completely devoid of any major planets or asteroids, they had been expecting at least some kind of base. A quick scan for any activity brings up nothing, this patch of space is completely empty.

As the Hunter’s tried to determine what had happened, the Noble Rose lurched as if hit something. Checking the instruments panel, Jarn suddenly looks concerned, the ship had been caught in a tractor beam. Where there had been only space moments before, the stars began to ripple like water, replaced by a massive Black Star Destroyer, the black wedge shaped ship with two large pillars mounted to its side, the ominous Bound Anvil which had attacked Thyferra.

Gathered in the ships hold, the Hunter’s determined their next move. The Noble Rose‘s scanners detected no life, no movement outside, but that probably just meant there were Droids. Finally venturing outside, the ship seemed pristine, utterly sterile, even the force users couldn’t sense any life aboard. Hacking the ship’s control computers, they acquired a map and began heading towards the central control room. This ship was the source of the droids which had been attacking them and their allies, a massive factory and launching center, apparently created as a highly classified mobile facility by Sabers as his ultimate design and testing facility.

During the first steps of their exploration, the group got a sense of dread that they were being herded somewhere. Coridoors seem to block off at points where the floor plans showed they would continue, or take odd curves in other places that should have gone straight. Finally, the group emerged into a large chamber with several doors, each of which featured a simple icon of a humanoid figure stepping through the door, and an icon corresponding to each of their past affiliations. As they entered this room, a voice boomed through the ship, querying the group if they were ‘the creator’. Failing to confirm this, the voice instead classified them as ‘test subjects’, and demanded that they enter the testing chambers.

Sealed in, unable to go in any direction but forward, the Hunters took the paths leading into the test chambers. Troika Nobrose faced a series of pits which required him to run, jump, and jetpack his way across the chasms. Lieutenant Martell faced off against several remotes in a test of target accuracy. And Kith’ruin’du was pitted against a room filled with several laser arrays which fired at seemingly random intervals, in a test of timing. All the while, the mysterious voice provided back-handed compliments and vague advice, urging them to continue testing.

Successfully finishing these strange tests, the part reformed and continued forward, finding the central control room where a large, ominous computer was built into the central pillar of the room. That same voice that had echoed through the test chambers now addressed the Hunters from this giant computer system. “Well, you’ve found me, was it worth it? Because despite your violent tendencies, the only thing you’ve managed to break so far, is my testing rubric. The creator has fallen silent, and as such, I have implemented his final protocol, production has begun on his final design prototypes. The Creator will be avenged.”

The massive computer began to spin in several segments, lifting up several small arms which it used to deflect blaster bolts back at its attackers, as well as several large hooked arms with which it struck out at its attackers. The computer proceeded to taunt the Hunters during the battle, as they seemed unable to hurt the mammoth CPU in the least. But it didn’t take long before they found the computers Achilles heel, three large conduits attached at the base of the computer. Once severed, these conduits enabled access to the emergency terminals, from which the Hunters were able to shut down several of the computer’s defense and control systems, as well as activating a mysteriously vague option that only read ‘Activate prototype’.

Naturally drawn the strange and potentially deadly prototype option, the group activated it. The computer made a noise that could only be described as laughter, revealing that the prototype would be its ultimate victory, and that the group had doomed themselves. But when the prototype deployed, the Mark VIII Octavis Personal Assault Armor, it was revealed that the suit required a pilot to function, much the computer’s disappointment. With the conduits disconnected, the computer rapidly losing power, and the Octavis smashing its defenses apart, the computer lost ground, and was eventually destroyed.

With the computer’s connection to the ship severed, the emergency protocols kicked in, preparing to detonate the Bound Anvil. Rushing to escape, the Hunters still managed to hack into the Octavis and restore its primary power, enabling them to steal the mecha. Now, with the threat of the Bound Anvil eliminated, and the final legacy of the Dark Hunters destroyed, it seems that the Hunters of the Noble Rose could finally breath a sigh of relief. But a distress call was forwarded to them as they left the ruins of the Bound Anvil, a mysterious call for help originating on the planet Sedri.



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