Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

The Black Temple

The Awakening

The following is an archived record of events regarding what our operations have labeled The Awakening. These archives will detail the series of major circumstances which led up to the first access into the Black Temple. Some of this information has newly come to light, and expands upon other previously released information. This entry retells the final known incident, code named ‘The Black Temple’.

Deep in the Black Temple, the moment of Nom Anor’s triumph was approaching. While the Nightsisters believed that they would take the power for themselves, Nom Anor betrayed them, leaving their corpses behind to bear witness to his final ascent.

The group entered the maw of the beast, the darkened temple hidden deep in the subterranean cavern of Dathomir. Thus far, the group had found nothing, but as they continued, the air grew heavier, and the Force users felt a great pressure, those attuned to the light find it harder to feel the Force. Ahead of them, setting the pace for the group, was Paxis, the darkness of the tunnel seemed to make him more powerful. Paxis was breathing in the Force easily, but his appearance became gaunter. The way was blocked, obviously destroyed recently by Nom Anor as a means to block the group’s passage. They were forced to find another way, a tunnel downward, from a minor cave-in that had resulted from the explosion leading into a cavern below.

With a horrible premonition, Raxar Kun stepped back, sensing a horrible wave of devastation oncoming. A Force vision showed him he had no choice, but sat down and began to concentrate. He was forced to stay behind, to utilize a form of Battle Meditation to guide the group through Nom Anor‘s defenses. The remaining group journeyed down into a lava filled cave, where they dashed across a molten river, taking care to avoid the splashing pools of liquid fire. There, at the end of the path, was an entrance into the tunnel, stairs leading upwards to the main body of the temple. But blocking the way was a terrible sarcophagus, containing an armored skeleton, which was promptly shattered into dust by the one of the overzealous mercenaries. The tomb refused to move, and the perplexed group began looking for a new entrance when suddenly, one of the Jedi raised his saber and attacked his own party. A malevolent Sith spirit possessed each force using member of the group one by one, forcing their team-mates to defeat their own companions to finally banish the Dark Side spirit. And upon it’s death, the energy released by it shattered the sarcophagus, opening the path up to the temple’s main chamber, and to Nom Anor.

Nom Anor stood draining the Thought Bomb in the center of the temple. Surrounding the room were ranks and ranks of statues, soldiers in an odd, antique armor. Closer inspection revealed these to be not statues, but real soldiers, frozen in Carbonite, a massive Frozen Army of Sith Soldiers. And behind the Thought Bomb, another frozen figure, a dark robed Sith Lord wearing a hood and mask, holding aloft a lightsaber. Nom Anor linked to the Thought Bomb, quickly killed any who approached, but the proximity of the Thought Bomb caused problems, as those he killed were able to maintain their personality, and appear through the Force to block his link to the bomb. Far more dangerous, the fully corrupted Paxis ran up, believing the best idea was to drain the Thought Bomb of power and take it for himself. But it seemed the cost was too great, as he burned himself alive, pulled into the Thought Bomb.

The concentrated fire of the group managed to take down Nom Anor, and as the madman seemed to fall, the temple shook. Out of the Thought Bomb emerged a decrepit figure, flesh decayed, but burning bright with the force, wearing the same armor as Paxis. Filled with power, the Force-gorged Paxis began draining the Thought Bomb once again, with plans to detonate it and kill the others, allowing him to take the Thought Bomb’s full power into himself. Enraged, Nom Anor rose again, throwing off his cape and ooglith masquer to reveal his fully cybernetic body, plated in Cortosis, covered in blades and designed with the intent of killing Jedi.

As the chaos erupted on all sides, one lone droid in the party of mercenaries, a simple body guard droid shut down a holographic disguise. Revealed in its glory, the Droid was in actuality Shioshi, Third of the Cult of Illviii, a plant placed by the Empire of the Hand assigned to track down the mysterious Master and if necessary, destroy him as a threat to the Outer Rim. Now, that time had come, and the judgment of the Cult was termination.

It is at this point that the event referred to as The Awakening began. During the fight, one of the mercenaries had avoided detection and headed into the rear of the temple, to the base of the frozen Sith Lord. From there, the control panel controlling the thawing process of the entire carbonite army was activated. The mercenaries fought alongside the mysterious Shioshi against their own former ally Paxis and the insane Nom Anor. And finally, free after four thousand years, the carbonite army awoke. Every Force wielder in the temple felt the immense power of the leader, his presence expanding across the galaxy.

Striding forward, he entered the Thought Bomb, unopposed by the burning aura that had earlier consumed Paxis. Enraged by this, Paxis rushed to the Thought Bomb, and began to draw as much energy to him as possible, rapidly destroying his flesh. The cloaked force user within began to unravel the Thought Bomb from within, and the expanding bomb began pushing Paxis away. Nearly defeated by the Droid of the Cult, Nom Anor sensed the Thought Bomb’s imminent destruction. Too obsessed with its power, Nom Anor rushed to seize it for himself as well. As they struggled for its power, focusing it back against the figure within, the Droid of the Cult watched as first Nom Anor was consumed by its power, his metallic shell seared and the few remaining organs within burnt to death. And lastly, Paxis, too focused on the bomb, was incinerated as well.

Everything grew quiet and the light of the Thought Bomb faded, completely destroyed. The master of the temple unleashed the power of the Force that had been locked within for so long, and for the few survivors of the battle itself, everything went black.

These records were recovered from the still-intact processor of the Droid Shioshi. What happened next was unknown, but two survivors were recovered by Mandalorian scouts on behalf of Mandalore the Infinite, their minds apparently blanked out through the Force.



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