Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

The Blackest Sun

Business As Usual

Posted Bounty: Jhorash Thurl
Description: Jhorash Thurl is a high-ranking operative within Black Sun, and has afforded the best in life. Based on his numerous illicit activities, it is surprising that a simple affair has resulted in this bounty posting. Jhorash was caught sleeping with the wife of a prominent politician, who devoted a large sum to take revenge against the man who seduced his wife. It is believed that Jhorash is in charge of one of the Black Sun Underlord’s largest corporation fronts, a cybernetics facility.
Reward: 8,000 Dead

The Hunters of the Noble Rose continued their campaign against Black Sun, in the hopes of attracting the attention of the mysterious Jedi they had been hired to find. This time targeting one of Black Sun’s greatest agents, the Brilliant accountant Jhorash Thurl. Using their contacts, the Hunters were able to arrange a meeting with their prey by posing as a group of investors working for Rusong Lah, calling himself the Techno-Vong and claiming to be a purveyor of a combination of technological and biological implants. The ruse worked, or so it was thought…

In reality, Jhorash Thurl had arranged the meeting by posting the falsified Bounty on himself, and wished to meet the group to discuss Black Sun business. The death of Vigo Gar Delos was unfortunate, but he was unprofitable and expendable. But the death of Vigo Perizo was unacceptable, as he had a highly profitable operation. As such, Jhorash Thurl maintained talks with the Hunters, until he finally explained that the room had been slowly filling with an odorless, tasteless gas that would soon knock the group unconscious. The group was taken away, stripped of their gear, and placed into makeshift prison cells. As they made vain attempts to escape, their cells suddenly clicked open, and the group quickly took advantage of the situation to eliminate their captors.

As the group emerged into the main hallway of the facility, several unique defense droids emerged from the Turbolifts, assaulting the group. These droids proved difficult but not impossible to overcome, and the group soon faced Jhorash Thurl once again. But the Accountant revealed to the Hunters that in his confiscation of their gear, he had found a grand prize, the Sith datapad they had stolen from the base on Ruuria. This datapad was the final key that Jhorash Thurl apparently needed for some project. After battling the accountant, revealed to be an extraordinary fighter with numerous cybernetic enhancements, the Hunters finally defeated Jhorash Thurl. But it was too late in some respects, the datapad had already submitted its information to its mysterious destination.

But the trap wasn’t without its benefits, as the group arrived back at the Noble Rose, they had received a message from the very Jedi they had been hunting. It was he who had freed them from the cells within Jhorash Thurl’s building, and having watched their activities against Black Sun, he wished to meet with the group, granting them coordinates to meet him on the planet Dathomir.



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