Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

The Curtain Falls

Behold, the Mastermind

Returning to the Black Sun Asteroid Base aboard the Mud Squaw, the Hunters brought with them the Jedi Raxar Kun. Underlord Duepos sat at his throne, awaiting the group, and Raxar Kun advised the group that it was a trap. As the group approached, apprehensive and ready for anything, they began negotiations for pay for bringing the Jedi. All the while, they watched their host, Rusong Lah paying extra attention, noticing the various scars and cuts on the Underlords face. But these cuts appeared most unusual to Rusong Lah, as if someone with no real knowledge of the Yuuzhan Vong had made the scars in an attempt to make them look like ritual scarring. Despite Raxar Kun’s thought, Underlord Duepos was not Nom Anor.

As the negotiations ground to a halt, Kith’ruin’du was startled to find they were not the only ones in the room, as several familiar faces were climbing down from the air ducts of the Asteroid facility, the Dark Hunters in full force, Coins, Flasks, Staves, and Sabers. With a shout, Raxar Kun shouted to the group to move out of the center of the room, as Coins detonated another Permacrete detonator implanted in the floor. Moving swiftly, Rusong Lah attacked Underlord Duepos, utterly destroying the faux-Vong, revealing the Underlord to be little but an organic puppet. Laughing, the Dark Hunters dropped down. Sabers gloated, bragging that everything was as he arranged, since the moment he had first encountered the Hunters on Ruuria. But Raxar Kun was more concerned with Sabers true identity, rather then the malignant evil of Nom Anor, Sabers was a different threat from the Jedi’s past, the vicious manipulator known as Swindle, or Dro Artos. Swearing vengeance, Swindle charged the Jedi, and at this signal, the other Dark Hunters engaged the group.

As the combat raged, Swindle eventually gained the upper hand against the Jedi, and successfully cut Raxar Kun down. At this, the other Dark Hunters halted. Swindle ordered Coins and Staves to do their assignments, and ordered Flasks to take out the rest of the group. As Swindle departs, a massive explosion rocked the asteroid, the handy work of Coins, who had detonated several explosives planted upon the Mud Squaw, destroying it. While the Hunters attempted to revive the Jedi, Flasks attacked, the overwhelming strikes of the Dark Hunter striking against his opposition. The group eventually stopped Flasks, his massive frame crashing into the deck. With a black ooze leaking from the corpse, the Hunters wanted to ensure the hulking monstrosity stayed down, loading the corpse with grenades.

Unable to leave via the hangar, with the remains of the Mud Squaw burning apart, the group ventured further into the facility, a twisted maze of pipes and grating which launched gouts of fire and electric arcs, as the entire facility began to shake disturbingly. To make matters worse, Flasks smashed through the door once more, his body tore open and bleeding the same horrific black liquid. Seemingly mindless, the brute smashed his way through the tunnels as the group did their best to sabotage the mazes various traps.

Entering the secondary hangar control, Kith’ruin’du began hacking the computer systems, but only found that the entire facility was set to explode, with very little time remaining. Flasks had been slowed, but not stopped, and he smashed his way into the control room, resulting in a less then controlled retreat into the secondary hangar bay, in the hopes of finding another ship. Running out of options, the Mandalorian Assassin who had accompanied the group from Dathomir finally made use of his staggering array of explosives, he pulled all the pins, sacrificing his life to do a massive amount of damage to the horrifying monster. Seeing no other option, Kith’ruin’du played his own trump card, the Black Sun explosives thought to have been removed from the Jump Packs looted from the Assassins on Sedri were in fact still armed, and a remote detonator exploded the Pack on Bruce Campbell, regrettably killing the Antarian Ranger, but combined with the massive damage sustained from the Mandalorian’s grenades, also served to finally collapse the giant once again.

Examining the body, the group discovered a mysterious device inside the corpse, one which began forcibly pumping that strange black liquid into Flasks once again, causing the Dark Hunters body to begin to repair and pulse with life. The group quickly removed the device, halting the regeneration on the massive warrior, and ending his threat to the group. But the countdown was still ticking away. Lieutenant Martell tried desperately to make contact with their old ally, Jarn Organa, and as the seconds counted down, was at last surprised to hear his voice. Jarn Organa was there, having just arrived at the Asteroid with the Noble Rose. Parking down in the secondary hangar, the Hunters rushed to board the ship, and as the last of them approached the ramp, the asteroid completely exploded. Falling away from the ship, Kith’ruin’du was nearly lost, when a mysterious force grabbed him and pulled him back up into the Noble Rose. Jarn Organa stood at the ramp, his hands raised up, clearly in control as he guided Kith’ruin’du in through the Force.

Having suffered great losses and horrific wounds, the Hunters were once again united with their ship, the Noble Rose. The first of the Dark Hunters had fallen, and the revelation of the identity of Swindle as their leader placed a priority on their extermination in the eyes of the Empire of the Hand and ODIN.



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