Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

The End of All Things

Forge of Destruction

Journeying into the central core of the Factory on Skora began to reveal the horrifying truth, this was no factory, it was a Space Station. Inside the planet, a massive armed system had slowly been constructed over thousands of years, built inside the very center of the planet, the Second Star Forge. Lekad, First of the Cult of Illviii, battled the group as T3-M4 accessed the main computer. From there, he opened access to a strange Force Battery, which granted immense power to the Force-Users of the group, but at the cost of immense corruption. A sole-survivor of the Tank battle, Lucky the medic, helped the group until, as the first of the mercenaries died, he revealed himself as Revan, having faked his death to reveal the Cult of Illviii’s final plan.

Paxis, enthralled by the Force Battery, empowered himself to the point of near invunerability, but the self-sacrifice of the Jedi Knight Johnny resulted in the destruction of both his power source, and the Droid Lekad. The Droid’s death caused the station to shudder, as its central computer finally engaged its ultimate program, and the true mastermind of the Cult of Illviii, the Star Forge’s primary programming, emerged as the ancient Droid HK-47. Unable due to his original programming to kill his own Master Revan, HK-47 had created avatars of himself, the 3 Cult Droids. When they were unable to fulfill this task, he had set a second plot in motion, the recreation of Darth Paxis, his flesh renewed, who he had subtley manuevered to destroy Revan for him.

The Star Forge manufactured a new body for HK-47, who attacked the group, murdering them one by one. The arrival of Captain Zim with the Mandalorian Cavalry helped destroy the threat of Darth Paxis, and in the end, Raxar Kun and Master Revan destroyed HK-47, while T3-M4 finally set off the bases self-destruct. In the end, the Survivors of the Star Forge were Raxar Kun, Master Revan, Captain Zim, and T3-M4. The aftermath of the Battle of Skora has continued to cause ripples in the Outer Rim, as these survivors would forge a new organization, the Outer Rim Defense Initiative Network, ODIN.



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