Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

The Heights of Power

Target: Swindle

Mandalore the Crusader has fallen, and none too soon, as his war machine was nearly ready to launch into the already violent fray of civil war. But the next target of the group, Dro Artos, has been much harder to track down then first believed, as the few glimpses into Black Sun’s inner workings have been in turmoil of late, Swindle was finalizing the bloody coup he had the very group now hunting him initiate. Information coming from the criminal syndicate was scarce, as the violence appeared to have finally ended, and Black Sun was finally consolidated back into a single organization, following one leader.

Fortunately for the squad, all the power Black Sun carries can be a double edged sword for the wielder, and the necessity for a very public face emerges. Dro Artos emerged as the new elected CEO of the Mohc Corporation, a company focused on the development of cybernetic prosthetic and advanced cyborg engineering. The cash flow from this company easily disguised Swindle’s illicit income from Black Sun, and gave him a significant source of legitimate cover for his underworld activities. His one flaw was that the former Mud Squad knew his face. With the Droids of the Cult of Illviii hacking the companies computer system an exact time in which Dro Artos was to be present in his office.

All that was needed was to break into the Mohc Corporation Headquarters, scale the building, enter his office on the top floor, and kill him. But two members of the squad emerged with significant changes before the mission, one had recovered his memories from the battle of the Black Temple and began to walk the path of the Light Side once more, while the other, Paxis, reemerged in a fully cloned body, restored in flesh and in the Force.

Infiltration into the complex went smoother then expected, with minimal civilian interference, the group took the turbolifts up to Swindle’s office. The head of Black Sun did not sit undefended, as the group had to fight off several waves of advanced battle Droids, horrific war droids deployed in several phases of construction. And as the last droid fell, Swindle himself arrived piloting the most advanced war droid of all, a piloted war suit called the Hextor Personal Assault Armor. The battle was long and hard, but in the end the group succeeded over the Suit.

Swindle’s war machine collapsed to the ground, the group breathed a sigh of relief. The floor of the building had sustained massive damage from the successful use of a permacrete detonator, and everyone could hear the floor straining and beginning to buckle. As the mercenaries prepared to move out as quickly and quietly as possible, the heap of metal behind them cracked open, and Swindle emerged, blasters drawn, his armor shattered and a look of pure hatred upon his face, fully prepared to devastate the already near-death group.

He approached the fallen group with a sneer on his face, taunting them for the choices they had made. He told them that any alliance with the Cult of Illviii would only end in betrayal, just as they were sent to kill him now, even after he was the one who killed Mandalore the Infinite for them. “You’re better off dead by my hand.”

As his guns bore down upon the group, a sudden lightsaber blade cut them apart, and the same mysterious Jedi who had saved the group twice before emerged from the shadows. Declaring Swindle a greater evil then any member of mercenary group, he beheaded Swindle. As the body fell to the floor, the Jedi turned and looked at everyone, his face still hidden beneath his cloak. He threatened them to not interfere with him or his Master. “Step lightly, a storm is brewing, and a dangerous foe is about to reveal its self.” He cut a hole into the floor and disappeared into the depths before anyone could react to him.

The group escaped, returned to their ship in the chaos caused by the collapsing headquarters, Mohc Corporation later released a press release listing the issue as a testing malfunction, which claimed the lives of several workers, as well as the CEO, who was supervising the test. With the two most imminent threats to the Outer Rim stopped, there was only one mystery left to solve, and Thrawn assigned the group to track down the mysterious Jedi and his Master, and open negotiations with them if they declare themselves friend, or eliminate whatever threat they present if they were foe.



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