Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

The Jester is Never Right

That title referenced something...

Posted Bounty: Thas ‘The Jester’ Flod
Description: Thas Flod, aka The Jester, is wanted by the Anjiliac Hutt clan for rigging the deck in a high-stakes Sabaac game. The problem with cheating in this particular game was that the Hutts had rigged it themselves, meaning Thas changed the game to award him instead of the house. Thas has fled Nar Shaada to avoid the Hutt’s wrath. He is believed to be hiding out on Corellia.
Reward: 5,000 alive – 3,000 dead

Having escaped from Ruuria, the newly founded Hunters of the Noble Rose needed a job, something to let them make a living, none of them wishing or able to return to their old lives for one reason or another, the only allies they had were with one another and the mysterious Jarn Organa. Browsing the list of bounties found on the corpses of some dead hunters on Ruuria, the group chose a ripe target, The Jester, in hopes of beginning a profitable relationship with the Hutt Clans.

Arriving on Corellia, the group began searching for The Jester by tracking down his hobby, trying to find some high-stakes Sabaac games. One such bar provided just such an offer, and the group entered the bar, hoping to find a lead. Walking in casually, Lieutenant Martell walked in first, ordering two Corellian Sunsets in an attempt to make the bartender less suspicious. It failed, causing the bar bouncers to assault the group, suspecting trouble. The group was forced to put down the bouncers, and several of the ruffians and thugs just looking for a fight, although most were intimidated out of the fight by Rusong Lah. Confronting the bartender, the group interrogated him into finding out that The Jester was indeed in the bar, in the back room.

Deeper into the bar, it became clear that this facility wasn’t just a drinking establishment, but was running several highly illegal operations. From the main room, the group entered a spice den, where several patrons were sitting, not noticing the group as they walked through. The longer they stayed in the room, the worse the effects of the spice haze grew, made all the worse by the mysterious assassin who attacked them, none the less, they defeated their assailant and moved onto the back room, where they located their target.

Sitting at a table playing cards, The Jester sat surrounded by several bodyguards, while well equipped snipers stood up above on raised walkways, keeping an eye on the room. Lieutenant Martell hatched a plan to gain The Jester’s trust, walking up to the table and making a proposition to The Jester to manipulate a card game for a mutual credit gain. The Jester was plenty interested in the idea, and offered to take Lieutenant Martell down into his private quarters to meet his backer, while the other members of the group waited.

Splitting the party, Lieutenant Martell followed The Jester down, while the rest of the party sat up with the bodyguards. Eventually, they found an excuse to start a fight, tired of waiting for Lieutenant Martell, they took out the guards and journeyed down into the underground chamber hidden beneath the bar. But Lieutenant Martell made a good showing for himself, winning over The Jester with promises of more credits then he would know what to do with. All The Jester had to do was contact his patron. Making the call, The Jester had summoned the Underlord of Black Sun, who had extended his protection to The Jester in exchange for a large portion of his ill-gotten winnings.

As the rest of the group arrived, the Underlord of Black Sun cut communications suddenly, amused by The Jester’s stupidity to the point where he would let the Hunters take him. Convinced he was being led to a new safe point by Black Sun Operatives, and that it was only going to result in further financial gains for himself, The Jester prepared to follow them willingly into capture. It was then that the room exploded. A single permacrete detonator, the same one the group had attempted to use against the Dark Hunters on Ruuria, exploded from beneath the floor. From the ventilation shafts dropped Coins, laughing maniacally, the Nosaurian began hurling grenades at the group, clearly not concerned with the life of The Jester as a bounty. As the room around them burst into flames, Coins continued to fling explosives. The Hunters decided that it would be best to retreat, and in some quick thinking, convinced The Jester that they would protect him against the bounty hunter. Emerging from the Bar, the group made a quick egress aboard the Noble Rose, finally taking The Jester captive for delivery to Aljool the Hutt of the Anjiliac clan.



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