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The Mighty Moff Kigan

Are those Butterfly Costumes?

Posted Bounty : Moff Par Kigan
Description: The planet Rintonne has long been a supporter of the Empire. Now, they’ve thrown their lot in with the Sith lords. The Moff, Par Kigan, lives in luxury, while his people starve. In the name of the true Empire, Roan Fel’s Empire has placed a bounty on Moff Par Kigan, for the liberation of the planet.
Reward: 10,000 Dead

Having returned from Zebitrope IV, the crew of the Noble Rose makes a stop on the planet Sedri, the water world where they had defeated the Black Sun Vigo Perizo and freed the Mon Calamari he had been enslaving. With the refugees well rested and hidden from view, the government of Sedri welcomed the Bounty Hunters as heroes, all of which raised the opinions of the group in the minds of Lisa Talken and the survivors of Zebitrope IV. More committed to assisting you now, they armed and armored themselves, the freshly christened Noble Squad. The Mon Calamari, meanwhile, worked to repay their debt to the group, offering to do the group a favor, reconstructing the captured AT-ST for combat use.

Spending time to recuperate, the group reunited and prepared for their next mission, sending Lieutenant Martell, Troika Nobrose, and the freshly returned Kith’ruin’du out to assault Rintonne. The base in which Par Kigan was holed up was a massive fortress built into the side of a cliff over a river, with a massive shield preventing direct insertion. Basic analysis from the groups contacts revealed two entrances into the base, a sewer system entrance from the city below the Moff’s fortress, or a cliff pass leading into an auxiliary entrance. Opting to assail the cliff, the three Bounty Hunters were delivered to the edge of the shield by Jarn Organa, and made their way up the cliff path.

Nearly to the entrance, they encountered a Probe Droid patrolling the path. It attacked, but after taking several extremely good hits, fled back towards its base. The group pursued, and while they were unable to prevent it from reaching the men stationed outside the fortress, they destroyed it before it could alert the base as a whole. Of the three henchmen guarding the door, the nameless elite soldier was the most considerable threat, but the two seemingly useless henchman proved to be nearly unkillable. They finally fled from the fortress once their officer was slain.

The three Hunters hatched a brilliant plan. Placing Lieutenant Martell in the henchman’s armor, he was able to deceive the control room monitors into taking breaks from their posts, only to get them captured and incapacitated. Switching uniforms, Lieutenant Martell and Troika Nobrose wore the monitor’s uniforms, while Kith’ruin’du wore the henchman’s armor, to hide his Chiss features. From the auxiliary control room, they were able to expertly slice the bases computer systems, printing out the fortress layout, revealing current security conditions, freeing several prisoners, disabling Defense Droids, and discovering the Moff’s whereabouts in the parade grounds of the fortress.

From the few prisoners remaining in the detention center, the group discovered that Par Kigan had recently received some new weapons shipment, and had been testing them extensively on the other prisoners, executed in another room of the fortress. The prisoners had all been part of an underground rebellion against the Moff, and upon freeing them, the group sent them off to meet with Jarn Organa. With their help, the group was able to enter the Communications room. Here, they accessed the primary databanks and discovered the secret of Par Kigan’s newly acquired power, a massive weapons deal he had recently made with the Dark Hunters, and this fresh lead pointed to a facility on Boz Pity.

With the Moff below, surrounded by his soldiers, the group began to ferment a rebellion to eliminate as much of his army as possible. Contacting Jarn Organa, they convinced the freed prisoners into contacting their underground allies, telling them that they would disable the shield, allowing them to storm the fortress. Entering the Moff’s main throne, they were unable to maintain their disguises against his Black Guards, and were forced to take them out. With the Throne secured, the Hunter’s disabled the shield generator, and made a call to the Moff, requesting he return to the Fortress.

Taking the turbolift down to the antechamber, the party confronted Par Kigan, closing down the door. Par Kigan screamed in outrage, declaring himself Monarch of the planet Rintonne, and ordered his personal bodyguards to kill the intruders. Entering into combat in his new, highly advanced weapons suit, Par Kigan fired off Grenades and Piercing Darts to fell the group, enabling a laser system that tracked its targets around the room. Laughing maniacally, the Moff was finally killed after his suit finally overloaded, spinning him around and crashing him to the floor.

Outside in the parade grounds, the rebel underground was victorious, as Jarn Organa had deployed Noble Squad to its first victory, decimating the Moff’s army between their two forces. The people of Rintonne vowed to destroy the horrible fortress of the Moff, and to rejoin the Fel Empire. And the crew of the Noble Rose prepared for an immediate departure to Boz Pity, in the hopes of catching the Dark Hunters off guard.


Go! Team! Noble!

The Mighty Moff Kigan

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