Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

The Vault

The Hunter’s of the Noble Rose have successfully crushed the deviant creatures which had assaulted The Vault, preventing them from reaching the command center, or more dangerously, the cells themselves. Now, the group headed up to the command center to meet with Thrawn and receive their next orders.

There, Thrawn bemoaned the hand that Revan had dealt them. With Revan’s forces spread thin, the powerful jedi himself nowhere to be found, and the Seer kept as a guest in The Vault below, Thrawn believed it inevitable for a strike to occur against the underdefended facility, and had worked to plan accordingly, but even he had not anticipated the ferocity of the assault.

Now, he need the Hunters to head down and retrieve the Seer, and get him off planet before the Augur launched a second assault, while ODIN continued to search for the location of the final Star of the Noctis, and corner and defeat the Augur.

As the hunters prepared to leave the command center, a sudden crash tore across the room, as several large reptillian creatures dropped from the ventilation systems, intent on killing Thrawn. They manuevered to attack the ODIN commander, but the Hunters successfully fended the creatures off, saving Thrawn’s life.

Leaving the upper levels behind, the Hunters of the Noble Rose descended into the depths of The Vault… where something was terribly wrong. The turbolift became jammed at the entrance, and suddenly powered down. Entering the security station, the group found only darkness. As they lit the room, the floor had been gouged open, filled with hundreds of tiny holes, all surrounding one massive hole in the center of the room. The prison had been breached, the attacks on both the base and on Thrawn mere distractions while the Augur entered the base from below. Acidic worms began to flood the room from below, and one massive borer emerged from the great hole, its breath a burning haze of acid and poison.

Rusong Lah rode the creature, keeping its attention on him as it smashed him against the ceiling repeatedly, and eventually the Hunters took down the tunnel worm, entering into the prison proper. Inside, the prison doors were flung open, but no one stirred. Blood smeared the walls, and pieces of what may have been the occupants of the cells lay scattered across the floor. Ahead, the Augur walked purposely, but as she sensed the group, she berated the futility of their attempts to stop the inevitable, and rose a hand, the shadows swirling around her breaking off and entering into the blood stained wall.

Immediately, the blood boiled and writhed as it coalescesed into the now familiar form of the Noctis. It covered the walls of the prison, and sealed the Hunters off from the Augur, lashing out violently at the party when they hurt it. The Hunters were forced to rush and kill it before it could kill them. But at last, they were victorious, and the darkness slumped off the prison walls, dissolving into little more than dust.

In the cell of the Seer, the Augur approached her trembling prey. She mocked his cowardice, telling the Hunters of the betrayal so plainly written upon his face. She attacked, but the Seer suddenly fought back, the two matching one another evenly, despite the fact that the Augur had killed the Pontifex and merged his power with her own.

Split on which threat should be eliminated, the obvious threat of the Augur, or the believed inevitible betrayal of the Seer, Kith’ruin’du attempted to coordinate events to ensure both died before they could claim the power of the Noctis, but in the end, all their efforts achieved was allowing the Augur to destroy the Seer.

The Seer collapsed, and a great darkness rose up from him, a large shard of the Noctis emerging from its former host, and it swiftly moved to enter the Augur, now empowered by the strength of both the Pontifex, and the Seer. She stepped forward, using the force to rip a satchel from the belt of the Seer and remove the Star of the Noctis which the Hunters had given him within the Temple of Passing… as well as a second artifact, a second of the stars.

In a flash of intuition, Lieutenant Martell saw some figure giving the Seer the second star as well, the star which should have been obtained within the Temple of Eternity, where the Hunters had found only a trap instead. Regardless, before them stood the Augur, fully empowered with the fragments of the Noctis and now in possession of all three keys to the mysterious prison holding the Noctis. With a gesture, she threw the group aside and strode out of the base, rushing out to fulfill her destiny, and free the Noctis.

Upon recovery, the group emerged from The Vault, and let Thrawn know what had happened. With the fastest ship in the fleet, the group headed out aboard the Noble Rose, the five warriors alongside the season veterns of Noble Squad, and the full compliment of soldiers that had been serving in The Vault, nearly 30 fully armed soldiers ready to prevent the release of what could be the most dangerous entity known to Dark Side… deep within the moon of Corcin… the Noctis hungers…



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