Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Tunnels of a Thousand Corpses

The Dead Live

Posted Bounty: Darth Evascera
Only available to those who make an enemy of the Sith.
Description: The Dread Lady Darth Evascera has made a horrible name for herself as the torturer of New Holgha, where she captured, tortured, and butchered several thousand innocents to discern the location of a Jedi who was hiding somewhere on the planet. She is currently leading an assault on the planet Zebitrope IV.
Reward: 12,000 Dead

The planet Zebitrope IV is far from anything, a backwater nothing, and the only reason anyone has recently heard about it is the massacre that has been occurring here. The Sith have suddenly taken a brutal turn, since the recent regency of Darth Wyyrlock. As such, the Sith broadcast their intentions to slaughter the people of this world as horrifically as possible. To that end, Darth Evascera, reknowned by the Sith as a sinister and efficient alchemist, was assigned to make an example of the populace.

Three of the Hunters of the Noble Rose journeyed to this world to hunt for Darth Evascera, Rusong Lah, Lieutenant Martell, and Troika Nobrose. Scanning the planet revealed that life signs were fairly low, and Jarn Organa landed the Noble Rose near the life signs, in the midst of what appears to be the most recent battlefield, a ruined city. Wading across what was once a village, or even a city, the hunters were amazed at how little remained, the ruins seemed to have been cleansed efficiently and there are no corpses anywhere.
The stench of blood still lingered, this wasn’t just a war field, it was a slaughter, and it was fresh.

Closer examination revealed tracks, leading into an area cleared of debris, and with further searching, the Hunters discovered a passage leading downwards, dropping into dimly lit darkness. The dimly lit maze of passages seemed to crisscross as it descends into darkness. The Hunters emerged into an ancient system of tunnels and passages that were likely used by the people in the city long ago. Reaching the first lit chamber, they found two Stormtroopers standing in the room, and Rusong Lah charged. But rather then dropping down, these troopers attacked in a fury, making inhuman noises as they clawed at the group, their own wounds dripping a caustic black fluid. The two sentries eventually stopped moving, the black, vile fluid filling them spilled out across the floor. These weren’t Stormtroopers, at least not anymore, they were something far more terrifying. Rusong Lah tested the black liquid by drinking a handful he scooped out of one of the corpses, only to find it tasted awful, and was apparently eating through his body to try and burn away his blood.

The Hunters worked their way through the maze complex, destroying more of the corpse-like soldiers which refused to die without repeated death blows. But amidst the ruins, they found a hidden alcove of weapons, armor, and supplies, along with a healthy supply of incendiary grenades which helped immensely against the corpses that attempted to rise back up. Deeper in the catacombs, they encountered a group of hold-outs, survivors who were fighting off more of the undead soldiers. These survivors were led by the Doctor Lisa Talken, but were under-armed and failing fast. Lieutenant Martell rushed to the rescue, distributing the weapons to the survivors, quickly turning the tide of battle. With the survivors at their side, they were led to the hideout of Darth Evascera.

Darth Evascera stood in a lit slaughter house, in a strange light from several containers nearby. In the center of this diabolical display, a single container sits with a monstrous form that looks very, very familiar. Within the tank, floating with several cords and tubes inserted into him, was Flasks, or so it seems. It was another creature of similar construction to the former Dark Hunters, and without looking that the group Darth Evascera demanded to know why they had returned, Flasks would be delivered to Druckenwell as they had requested. But realizing that the Group was not the Dark Hunters, she ignited her lightsaber and attacked.

Energizing the corpses stacked in her room with Force Lightning, Darth Evascera put up a vicious fight, attempting to inject the same black liquid Rusong Lah had previously drank into Lieutenant Martell. As they dealt the final blow, Darth Evascera collapsed, only to rise again, her wounds bleeding with the same dark ooze as her creations. Using the last of her energy, she ran to the tub containing the new Flasks and prepared to unleash him, but the Hunters were able to kill her and disable the life-support system, causing the yet-unactivated Flasks to dissolve into nothing, eaten apart by the very same black liquid which would have granted him life.

Leaving the catacombs, the Hunters boarded the Noble Rose, finding the survivors had already been brought aboard, and made the offer to them for future employment, should they wish to stay. The group began looking for their next bounty, and sent the information they had learned regarding the Dark Hunters coming meeting on Druckenwell ahead to ODIN to let them deal with.



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