Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

We Have Got to Get out of this Place

Slaves to the Sith

It has been several months since the events which led to the battle of Skora and the destruction of the Cult of Illviii, but to the galaxy at large, these events remained unknown. That does not mean that the various attacks and battles did not have repercussions, or attract any undo attention. One such event was the battle on Ruuria, in the base Nom Anor had created in which to create his various genetic experiments and dark side artifacts. The Sith followed a probe monitoring traffic coming and going from Ossus, leading them to Ruuria where they felt the presence of some powerful darkness, and begun building a presence on the planet.

The master of this operation is Lord Morigis, who has utilized the captured enemies of the Sith as Slave labor, sending them out in parties into the jungles of Ruuria. These slaves are unruly criminals, political prisoners, and malcontents, and many have died doing the field work. But on this day, Lord Morigis had not sent out his slaves as usual, keeping the healthiest of them together in the main yard of the compound. For on this day, two Sith Lords arrived for an inspection.

The four healthiest prisoners gathered together in the courtyard included a Yuuzhan Vong, a chiss, a cyborg, and a former Antarian Ranger. These four were confronted by the Sith Lords during inspection, and the Antarian Ranger was assaulted at a perceived display of rebellion. But in truth, these Sith Lords were more then they seemed, as the assault on the slaves was actually a means to slip them a weapon, a vibroblade. As the two Sith Lords departed, the four prisoners felt their shackles loosen by themselves, likely a subtle force-gesture made by their would-be saviors.

Taking advantage of their newfound freedom, the four assaulted their guards and armed themselves in the basic weapons and armor of the Sith Stormtroopers that had been escorting them, and proceeded to burn their way through the facility. Amongst the chaos caused by the group, they discovered a Kamino scientist who had been examining several dessicated Droids, and a strange Brain in a jar which the Sith seemed to be keeping alive. Killing the scientist and smashing the Brain, the group downloaded all of the Sith’s research data before destroying the computers, depriving the Sith of everything they had discovered so far. The four stole several speeder bikes, but before they could escape into the forest, they were cut off by a Sith Patrol Walker. Outgunned, they nevertheless successfully destroyed the Walker when Rusong Lah humbly sacrificed his speeder bike at the hands of Lt. Martell in a head-on collision with the Walker, enabling the group to finally head off into the Forest in hopes of reaching a nearby city and spaceport to make their way off world.

But in the Jungle, they first encountered a Jedi Master, Tee-id Crilay and his padawan Do-Gol Maguir doing battle with a vicious Acklay. The group assisted the Jedi, and were told about an underground passage that would lead them to the nearby spaceport undetected. Assigning his padawan to assist you out, Tee-id Crilay departed, and Do-Gol Maguir followed the escapees into the tunnels. These ruins were in actuality the remains of Nom Anor’s base, and within, the group was assaulted by several Rakghouls which had avoided the force users before. Amidst this chaos, they discovered a mysterious Holocron, one which the party could not open, but which Padawan Do-Gol Maguir could not resist. The young padawan was seized by a desire to hold the Holocron, and attempted to take it violently, forcing the group to fight back, and incapacitate him. When he finally seemed to calm down, the Holocron itself strangely lashed out and killed him with some form of Sith Lightning.

The Master Tee-id Crilay sensed the disturbance, and returned into the tunnels, confronting the group, but was unable to prove they had murdered his padawan, but more disturbingly, was unable himself to sense the Holocron. He departed the escapees, grieving for his padawan, but unwilling to justify killing or holding the group. Shaken but resolved to escape from Ruuria, the four escapees finally emerged from the dark tunnels into what appeared to be a simple cellar, and prepared themselves to enter the city spaceport.


No reference to the heroic sacrifice of Rusong’s speeder in the destruction of the guard-walker…


Fixed! It’s little details like that which can get forgotten over time, which is why I’m working to get all these logs up asap.


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