Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

What a (Boz) Pity

The Rube Goldberg Device

Rintonne behind them, the Hunters of the Noble Rose set off for Boz Pity immediately, no stopping and little rest, to ambush the Dark Hunters facility however they could and catch them in a rare off-balance moment. Emerging from hyperspace, the planet sprawled out before them, a massive world of graves and mountains, Boz Pity had been uninhabited since the Clone Wars, when the Confederacy maintained a base here. As Jarn Organa monitored the planet, he discovered that the base was in fact still there, damaged, or so it seemed. Focusing scans on this base revealed that it is heavily shielded from scans, unusually so for what should be a burnt out corpse of a building.

Emerging out into the vacant plains of Boz Pity, the world was shrouded in a deathly fog. As the Hunters moved towards the old base, the air grew thick with smog, fresh industrial waste that hung thick, and piles of junk surrounding the door. Several ugnaughts dug through the junk nearby, warily watching the group as they approached. The door to the factory was closed, but sat slightly ajar and was easily opened. From outside, the inside of the factory was pitch black, and is ominously silent.

Inside the complex was a factory, freshly retooled and recently in production, as the air still smelt of ozone, but for now the factory was currently offline. As the group walked along the conveyors and along the side, the factory lights suddenly came online, and the conveyor began to move. Over the din of the factories machinery came an ominous voice, Sabers, leader of the Dark Hunters, who had activated the factory production process to give the group a tour of the facilities… a deadly meat grinder of cutting torches, spark wielders, mounted turrets, and massive manipulator arms, all of which attempted to destroy the group as easily as they normally cut metal to build Droids.

Riding across the conveyor, the group fought the various devices, eventually reaching the final door of the facility. The power once again cut off when the last of the manipulator arms was destroyed, allowing the group to enter into the final room, a large storage area filled with various containers and crates. In the center of the room was a control panel behind which sat Sabers. As the doors opened, he smiled, mocking the groups progress, questioning if they had actually killed Flasks when they fled the Asteroid Base, or if they had evaded him and let the Asteroids destruction kill him. He questioned their dedication, telling them that all he desired was the death of Raxar Kun, and that they were only throwing their lives away by persisting in opposing him. Had they simply disappeared into the Outer Rim, lived in anonymity, they’d have lived. But now, Sabers was intent on killing them himself.

Sabers proved a deadly foe in melee combat, parrying and dodging, but the concentrated blaster fire against him was great. Sabers moved into range of the gunners, mercilessly striking at the Hunters, but then something happened which Sabers could not suspect. A lucky shot made by Lieutenant Martell exploded some device on Sabers armor, causing damage to his suit and shattering one of his vibroblades. Enraged, Sabers performed sliced into Lieutenant Martell, shifting backwards, he pulled some remote from his cloak.

“I didn’t want to do this, but you’ve forced my hand. I suppose its fitting, seeing as you’re the ones who provided me with the Sith’s research data that I needed to build this, just such a shame that I haven’t completed construction on his entire body yet.” With that, four the massive crates around the storage area were torn open by four streamline droids. Sabers fled the factory, while the four droids began to merge, panels opening and wires connecting, combining, forming a monstrous amalgamation, a Gestault which Raxar Kun recognized as a rebuild of the horrible droid Grez.

While the other Hunters battled this recreated Grez, Kith’ruin’du pursued Sabers, chasing him out in an underground hangar where the head of the Dark Hunters prepared to escape in a small shuttle. His eye gouged, his arm bleeding and broken, Sabers battled against Kith’ruin’du fueled purely by rage and wrath. But his blows grew weaker and his air diminished, and in a bit of coordinated teamwork, Lieutenant Martell placed the final shot into Sabers back, allowing Kith’ruin’du to fire his own volley, destroying the Grez replicant.

As the Hunters examined the broken body of Sabers, they were startled to find him still alive, coughing blood, the Dark Hunter began to laugh, “You think you’ve won… you think my death will end it… this isn’t over… it is just beginning…” His laughing ended, and with it, an ominous ticking began, as both his ship and his armor exploded. But with his death, the Hunters of the Noble Rose had won a great victory, the death of the Dark Hunters leader, which was sure to throw the other members of the group into disarray. The Boz Pity facility was destroyed, and things are finally looking up.



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