Star Wars - Enemies of the Outer Rim

Wheel in the Sky

No Violence? Why'd we bring the Vong?

Posted Bounty: Dor Kalas
Description: A skilled smuggler renowned for his shooting ability, Dor Kalas folded under Imperial interrogation, and revealed several of the Anjiliac shipments to the Sith, who raided the shipments, costing the Hutts greatly. Dor Kalas went into hiding after his release, fearing retribution from the Anjiliac Clan. He is too valuable to lose in this way, and the Hutts want him back to pay off his debt. Of course, he will be punished, but afterwards, he’ll be put back to work. He is suspected to be hiding out on the Wheel.
Reward: 4,000 alive – 0 Dead.

Journeying to the Wheel, the Hunters of the Noble Rose arrived without incident, and were met at their hangar bay by the owner of the Wheel, Pol Temm, who confirmed their reservations to the massive pleasure satellite, and reminded them of the policy of no weapons, and no violence. But was really unusual was the reaction of the Wheel’s staff to the Noble Rose itself, reporting that in a communications hiccup, it had sent several false transponder codes to the station, Argos, the Star Tripper, and the Victory Ring, before it had confirmed its own ID. Intrigued, Pol Temm made a very generous offer for the ship, an offer which Jarn Organa rejected out of hand, and the rest of the team considered, but decided against selling the ship for now.

Working to hack into the Wheel’s systems, Jarn Organa confirmed that Dor Kalas was aboard, but at the moment he could not yet narrow down his whereabouts. The Wheel was split into four main areas, the Hotel district, the Restaurant District, the Casino District, and the less visited staff quarters, and with that, the group began to investigate, seeing who they could find that would lead them to their prey.

Through their various investigations, slipping some credits into the right pockets, and asking the right questions, the Hunters were able to track down Dor Kalas to a room within the crew quarters. Dor Kalas had been holed up in the main security wing, where he was monitoring the various comings and goings, avoiding trouble when he saw it, and only venturing out into the Wheel when absolutely necessary. Entering his room, the group was confronted by several guards, and in the center of the room stood Dor Kalas with the head of the Wheel, Pol Temm, once more.

Dor Kalas explained to the group that he had already begun to make back the money he owed the Hutt, secretly basing his own on-the-side smuggling out of the Wheel. He had already made a good deal of the money needed, and simply required more time. To that end, Dor Kalas made the Hunters a deal, take back a healthy amount of credits, which would make a substantial dent in the debt he owned the Hutts, and allow him to continue operations until he could repay the lost cargo in full.

After much consideration, contemplation of skimming off the top, or simply disappearing with the credits, The Hunters took this deal and returned to Aljool the Hutt with all of the credits and a message from Dor Kalas explaining his intent. Aljool the Hutt paid the bounty out of the cut provided, and lifted his Bounty from Dor Kalas. However, the Hutt threatened both the Smuggler and the Bounty Hunters to think twice before overstepping the limits of their contracts in the future, motioning to the floor below, where a ravenous creature of some kind growled, the implications obvious.



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