Admiral Martell

Disapproving Father


Admiral Martell was the father of Lieutenant Martell, a decorated hero of the Fel Empire who had served in multiple battles with distinction. However, he looked at his son with disappointment, often seeing his son’s failure in the military as a reflection on himself. It was because of his disappointment that caused Admiral Martell to assign his son to a dangerous mission that resulted in Lieutenant Martell’s capture. He also advised Emperor Fel to deny the prisoner exchange the Sith proposed that would result in the freedom of his son, effectively using the capture as an excuse to break ties.

When he heard of his son’s escape from Ruuria, Admiral Martell spent a great deal of time reflecting on his son, and on his failure as a father. It was then that he was approached by Lord Morigis. Fueled by vengeance, Lord Morigis offered Admiral Martell the return of his son, in exchange of the lives of the others who had escaped from Ruuria with him. In a moment of weakness, Admiral Martell agreed, and sent a call to his son, asking him to return to their old mansion.

The trap was sprung, and longer Admiral Martell waited, the more he suspected that Lord Morigis would betray him. Sure enough, when the Bounty Hunters finally emerged into the atrium where Lord Morigis waited, the Sith Lord stabbed Admiral Martell to drive the Hunters into reckless action. Admiral Martell saw his life flashing before his eyes, and even the makeshift healing attempts by the group couldn’t save him for long. His wounds were made worse by Rusong Lah‘s attempt to use him as an improvised weapon, but finally, he was able to save the day, firing a blaster at Lord Morigis’s forehead, squarely hitting a fragment of the Holocron which had embedded there. Out of respect, Rusong Lah granted Admiral Martell a warrior’s death, and may or may not have kept the head, which he definitely does not use as a hand puppet to amuse/terrify the others aboard the Noble Rose.

Admiral Martell did send one last message to his son while he waited for his arrival, a message sent posthumously which apologized for his failure as a father, and asking his son to forgive him for his weakness.

Admiral Martell

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