Aljool the Hutt

Crime Lord


Aljool the Hutt, matron of the Anjiliac Hutt Clan, has become a powerful presence on the Hutt Council for her ruthlessness and head for business. From her mansion on Nal Hutta, she commands the members of her organization to continue to manipulate the operations of the Clan to increase her personal wealth and power.

Recently, Aljool has become the sponsor of the Bounty Hunters of the Noble Rose after they performed several jobs for her. They captured Thas Flod alive and delivered him to the Hutt’s fortress, followed by their hunt for Dor Kalas aboard the Wheel station, which ended with the group returning to the Hutt without the bounty, but with a payoff and Dor Kalas’s word that more was to come. These actions resulted in Aljool pulling strings with the Bounty Hunters Guild to remove a recent bounty that had been placed onto the groups head.

The last job the group took for Aljool was to compete in a Gladitorial Game held on Nar Shaada, where they worked to ensure the death of one of the competitors, the former champion Carnis Rinor.

Aljool the Hutt

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