Crazy Scythe Wielding Psycho


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A murderous, enraged woman, the Augur is apparently a servant of the Noctis. Covered in heavy armor and wielding an imbued scythe capable of cutting through stone, durasteel, and armor, she appears to lack any concept of subtlety or nuance, preferring to simply charge in destroy whatever stands against her, or offers the slightest bit of opposition.
She appears to be responsible for a series of extremely brutal deaths, the pirate’s who had been excavating and guarding the Temple of Passing, before she forced her way in. Unphased by the traps therein, she savagely assaulted the floors and walls to destroy the hidden mechanisms completely, the pattern of chaos and destruction matches the damage caused to the Temple of Eternity, implying that the Augur had been the one to loot that temple before ODIN discovered it, however what she found inside remains unknown.

In confronting Kith’ruin’du and Lieutenant Martell, she let little slip, only accusing them of being one of ‘His’ pawns before attacking them with her blade, making wide cleaving strikes. Enraging further as she battled, the Hunters kept pace with her, but were beginning to lose ground. With the arrival of Rusong Lah and Troika Nobrose from the adjoining chamber, and sustaining a severe injury, the Augur screamed in rage, preparing to push her attack, but a sudden violent headache seemed to overtake her, and she seemed to argue with some unknown being. Much to her anger, she was forced to retreat, telling the group that ‘as yet, my life is required for It’s service’.

The Augur reappeared while the Hunters of the Noble Rose did battle against the Pontifex. As the Seer predicted, she attacked the Pontifex, but significantly sooner then the Seer had believed. With the Hunters severing the Pontifex from his source of ‘food’, whatever dark master was guiding the three servants apparently deemed him no longer worthy, and the Pontifex rapidly lost strength in the face of the Augur’s unrelenting attacks. In the end, the Augur killed the Pontifex, and allowed herself to be consumed by the piece of the Noctis which in the end burst from his body. At this point, the Augur is immensely powerful, capable of slicing an AT-ST in half with her empowered shadow, and swiftly consuming a legion of Stormtroopers. Whatever powers she once possessed are now augmented by the strengths gained when she merged with the Noctis once held by the Pontifex.

As the Hunters of the Noble Rose set off in search of answers to the mystery of the Noctis, the Augur led an assault upon the ODIN base known as The Vault, wherein the Seer was being contained. Her forces consisted of monstrous creatures mutated and manipulated by the Dark side of the Force. While the bulk of her army smashed against the walls of the base, she infiltrated the base from below, allowing her entry into the holding cells without incident. However, she was confronted by the Hunters while in combat against the Seer, and nearly brought down, but in the end, she killed the Seer, the piece of the Noctis inhabiting him was consumed, and the Augur obtained possession of all three of the Star of the Noctis. She knocked the Hunters of the Noble Rose unconscious and quickly left the base, heading with all due haste to Corcin, where she intends to free the Noctis and finally take its power for herself.


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