Captain Dannoos

He's the only Yuzzem in the Asteroid.


The not-so-mysterious Captain of the Veragassi Asteroid Belt pirate group, this Yuzzem pirate captain has a reputation for being as crafty as he is brutal. While he is famed for outbursts of rage in which he has literally ripped crew members in half, some of these cases may have been exaggerated to increase his fierce reputation, and those in his employ who have earned his respect have little to fear from him. The tales of the Yuzzem captain’s brutality to prisoners were the first sparks of ODIN’s interest in eliminating the Veragassi Asteroid Belt as a threat in Wild Space.

In his attempts to negotiate with the mysterious force wielding known as the Pontifex, Captain Dannoos overplayed his hand, and was killed. Worse, his body apparently served as the host for some monstrous Shadow of Dark Side energy, which fed off of him and devoured him, his body turned to little more then dust when it emerged from his corpse.

Captain Dannoos

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