Captain Zim

Mud Squad Commander


A hard-nosed, no nonsense, tough as nails Mandalorian, Captain Zim was the commander assigned by Mandalore the Infinite to oversee the training of Mud Squad. Captain Zim was born and raised Mando, and wholly dedicated himself to following the ways of the Manda. He wears green armor, signifying his dedication to his duty, and in bringing home his men. As a commander, he believed that any squad was only as good as its weakest link, and his tough exterior was a facade to cover his true concern for his men. Zim gained a reputation for bringing his men back alive every time, and with such a high success rate, that he came to the attention of Mandalore the Infinite.

Captain Zim was put in place as the leader of the newly formed Mud Squad, and was ordered by Mandalore the Infinite to watch the progress of two specially assigned soldiers, memory-wiped mercenaries with latent force potential, Mandalore the Infinite desired them to be trained for eventual use in his Mandalorian Partisan program. Zim had little tolerance for cowardice or those who turned war to their benefit, it is no surprise that he and the Quartermaster Swindle did not get along. They had several run-ins during Swindle’s brief service as a Mandalorian before Swindle was finally assigned to Mud Squad, and Captain Zim had a negative opinion of him. This opinion continued to worsen as Swindle undermined his authority, sold contraband to his soldiers, and engaged in mysterious negotiations with unknown forces.

Zim would lead the Mud Squad in training at The Yard and at their first mission to Dathomir before everything was changed by the assassination of Mandalore the Infinite. As one of the few squads actively out in the field when the assassination was discovered, Mud Squad was at first above any suspicion, making them an ideal choice to track the murderer by order of the new leader, Mandalore the Crusader. Captain Zim would continue to lead Mud Squad on the field during these investigations, but began to grow concerned at the increasingly violent tendancies of the new Mandalore and his disregard for his own men. Zim would leave his command, at his own request, although Mandalore the Crusader already had grown to dislike him, and went underground.

During the battle of Skora, Captain Zim revealed that he had been keeping track of the mercenaries of Mud Squad, and made contact with Thrawn, leader of the Empire of the Hand offering his services in the battle against the Cult of Illviii. Captain Zim backed up his offer with a heavily armed squad of drop troops who assisted in the final battle within the Star Forge core.

Captain Zim survived that battle, and would go on to reunite the Mandalorian clans that had divided during the reign of Mandalore the Crusader. He has since risen to the rank of Mandalore, and has taken the name of Mandalore the Trenchant. As head of the Mandalorian forces, he has also committed a great deal of the Mandalorian forces as active participants of ODIN, where he himself serves is one of the Triad leading the newly formed organization, a combined force made up of the Empire of the Hand and Revans Army.

Leading the forces of ODIN aboard the Guarding Reach, Captain Zim was assaulted by the Shi’ido skinshifter Fo Biseten. The shape-changing traitor attacked Captain Zim, leaving him severely wounded in his quarters. Wearing the Mandalore’s armor, Fo Biseten attempted to destroy the Guarding Reach and kill the Hunters of the Noble Rose, but was unmasked and defeated aboard the ships bridge. With his treachery unmasked, Captain Zim was found alive and placed into a Bacta Tank, where he has fully recovered, and is preparing to launch the complete and simultaneous assault on the Dark Hunters bases, to be spearheaded by the Hunters of the Noble Rose.

Captain Zim

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