Carnis Rinor

Vicious Gladiator


HP 75, Def 17, Attack 9, Dmg – 1d102
Melee; Rend (Minor; +10 Attack; 1d4 damage and ongoing 4 bleed damage; save ends)
Whirlwind; (Standard; Burst 1; +8 Attack; 1d12 Damage.)
Enrage; (Encounter; Instant; Use when Bloodied. You gain +3 to attacks and damage.)


Carnis Rinor was on of the top gladiators participating in the deadly Nar Shaada games that were run by the Hutt clans each week. Carnis was a vicious combatant, using rending strikes with his two massive vibroswords to inflict wounds on enemies, and working to gather then together to unleash his famed whirlwind strike.

Unfortunately for Carnis, he became the center point of a Hutt Clan war, wherein Aljool the Hutt wished to get vengeance against a rival, he struck against that Hutt’s funds, ensuring that the prized gladiator he had bet so much money on not only lost, but was killed in the process by Aljool the Hutt‘s own competitor’s, the Hunters of the Noble Rose.

Carnis Rinor

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