Mad Bomber


Known Abilities: Greater Mobility, Speed 8, Leap & Climb, Shifty Tactics, Various Grenades.


Coins is a vicious Nosaurian with a significantly bad attitude. His expertise with explosives has made him a powerful member of the Dark Hunters, an extremely dangerous Bounty Hunter team. Like the other members, Coins takes his name from one of the Sabacc Suits. No details exist regarding his true identity, and as such, no analyzation of his past can be made. In combat, he takes constant advantage of his fast movement and small size to run circles around enemies, creating confusion and chaos with numerous powerful explosive devices.

The Hunters of the Noble Rose have encountered Coins on three separate occasions, none of which has left the group with a very high opinion of the little bastard. The initial meeting with Coins took place on Ruuria, in which the group attempted to sneak a Permacrete Detonator into some negotiations with the Dark Hunters. Since this ruse backfired, Coins has developed a love for ambushing them with hidden Permacrete Detonators beneath the floors.

His second encounter, in a Corellian bar where the group was attempting to capture the notorious gambler named The Jester, Coins detonated the very detonator the group had attempted to use against him. The result was apparently more of an attempt to kill the crew of the Noble Rose more then it was to kill the actual bounty.

Finally, at the Black Sun Asteroid Base, Coins began planting bombs on the groups newest ship, the Mud Squaw, before exploding another Detonator before engaging the group with the full force of the Dark Hunters. When the Jedi Raxar Kun apparently fell, Coins was ordered to detonate the groups ship, cutting off their escape, before heading up into the ventilation ducts to escape aboard the Dark Hunters own ship, the Demise.

Coins has since become a person of interest to Kith’ruin’du, who has been actively seeking leads to hunt down and eliminate him once and for all. Since the death of Sabers, the traitor Staves has revealed that Coins has seized much of the Dark Hunters resources for some unknown purpose. In his deranged state, Coins had been using resources to purchase ludicrous amounts of Permacrete Detonators, packing them beneath the facility on Misnor, as well as frequent trips to Endor, where the insane bomber had been abducting Ewoks and strapping explosives to them for his own amusement.

When the Hunters of the Noble Rose finally stormed the facility on Misnor, Coins deployed his ewok armies, lobbing grenades from a distance, and eventually, was forced to deploy the Heptas Personal Assault Armor designed by Sabers, but only haphazardly constructed by Coins himself. The armor worked well enough, but in the end, it wasn’t enough to stop the Hunters of the Noble Rose, and as Coins abandoned the armor in order to combat the group hand-to-hand, the Heptas collapsed onto him, severing Coins in two. His last act was to detonate the Permacrete Detonators beneath the Misnor factory, forcing the Hunters to retreat, and utterly destroying the facility.


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