Darth Adesh

Out of the Shadows


A Sith Lord who specialized in infiltration and assassination, Darth Adesh was a specialist in finding weak points and exploiting them, often assassinating opposing leaders before they even knew they were at war. He hated engaging in personal combat, but would do so when forced to. As such, he often invoked the dark side to create shadows which enemy blasters could not penetrate. Those who entered the zone of darkness would find their life energy drained from them slowly, as Darth Adesh used the Dark side to restore himself all while weakening his foes.

Darth Adesh was one of two Sith Lords tasked with the genocide of the Mon Calamari fugitives reported to be hiding on the planet Sedri, where he encountered the Hunters of the Noble Rose. Despite the considerable damage he dealt to the party, Darth Adesh could not maintain his Dark void, and eventually it dropped, revealing his location to the Hunters. Even as Darth Ignix emerged to finish her battle with the Hunters, the two were eventually overpowered, falling in battle.

Darth Adesh

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