Darth Decetis

Now you see him...


Defense 15; Attack +7, Damage 10
Known powers: Melee Attack; Double Attack; Greater Mobile Attack;
Poison +10; Vanish, Superior Mobility.


Leading the assault against the Empire in Exile on the planet Ordo, Darth Decetis worked in shadows, having developed a mastery in the Force which enabled him to blink in and out of darkness at will, causing his opponents to literally lose sight of him. Rather then using a Lightsaber, Decetis used two daggers, imbued with Sith Alchemic poisons. Decetis met his end on Ordo when he attacked the vulnerable left flank of the Empire in Exile, only to be confronted by the Force Wielders and Mercenaries from the Bright Bauble, who had taken supplies from the Empire in exchange for defending their main camp.

Darth Decetis

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