Darth Evascera

Mad Scientist


HP 200, Def 18, Attack 11, Damage 2d104 – Crit 25
Known Powers: Melee Attack
Overdrive Charge: (Make a charge attack against a target, you gain a +4 bonus to defense against attacks of op. If the charge is successful, the target is knocked prone.)
Horrific Injection: (Standard – Make a +8 attack against a prone enemy. If successful, target takes 1d10 damage and an ongoing 10 acid damage.)
Energy Imbue: (Standard – Burst 6 – Make an attack against everything in the burst. +9 Attack, 3d6 + 6 Damage. The imbue causes 3 Decayed Rabble to rise up in the chamber.)


A devious and deadly opponent, Darth Evascera was obsessed with Sith Alchemy and its uses in creating an invincible warrior. Her research led her to many old Imperial documents and references to Imperial bioweapons Project I71A, the Blackwing virus. Eventually, she was able to track down the Imperial Star Destroyer Vector, long since abandoned, but still crawling with the strangely preserved living corpses of the projects victims. Darth Evascera was able to control these victims through the Force, enabling her to access the Star Destroyers main research bank, recovering the secrets of the Blackwing virus for herself, and bringing samples of the virus for further study.

Her most famous incident in service to the Sith Empire was the battle of New Holgha, where Darth Evascera had been assigned to hunt for a renegade Jedi. Rather then actively seek the Jedi out, she captured, tortured, and butchered several thousand innocents to discern his location. New Holgha marked her first experiments in testing her refined Blackwing virus, her intention being the creation of a single super warrior powered by the virus.

Eventually, knowledge of her research reached Sabers, leader of the Dark Hunters, who funded her studies in exchange for her first successful prototype, a hideously mutated warrior which Sabers would come to call Flasks. His creation was Evascera’s crowning achievement, a living warrior who, upon death, no matter how grievous the injury, would resurrect, unstoppable and uncaring of anything but to destroy its enemies. She was delighted to hear that it required the self-destruction of an entire Asteroid Base to finally destroy Flasks, when Sabers made a very handsome payment in exchange for a replacement model of his fallen warrior.

Leading an assault on the planet Zebitrope IV, Evascera had much of the populace exterminated, but gathered a massive quantity of prisoners into an underground system of tunnels the people of the planet had once built as a hideaway from raids. There, she crafted their flesh and form into a new Flasks using both the Blackwing virus and her skills in Sith Alchemy. However, before final delivery could be made, the Hunters of the Noble Rose arrived to collect a bounty on her head, revealing that she had herself been infected with the Blackwing virus in an attempt to prevent her own death. Regardless, the hunters defeated Darth Evascera, also causing the destruction of the as yet activated masterpiece of biochemical engineering. It is believed that the secrets of the Blackwing virus has finally died out along with Evascera.

Darth Evascera

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