Darth Hadrod

Kaleesh Madman


Darth Hadrod is a Kaleesh Sith Lord. Using cybernetics techniques, Hadrod crafted his body into a cyborg weapon similar to the Kaleesh god Qymaen jai Sheelal, better known to the galaxy as the Separatist leader General Grievous. His body was painted black, with the red striping typically tattooed on members of the Sith. Unlike Grievous, Hadrod was a fully capable force user, and used his mixture of cybernetics and Force abilities to the best of his disposal.

A loyalist to the Kaleesh ways, Darth Hadrod believed his people were destined for greatness, and was beginning to recruit the Kaleesh clans for what he called the Ascendance. In actuality, it was a plan to convert the Kaleesh warriors into completely loyal cyborgs, an entire army of cyborgs crafted in the image of General Grievous, to serve the Sith Empire.

The Hunters of the Noble Rose not only convinced the Kaleesh people of Hadrod’s nefarious intent, but they also engaged Hadrod in combat to claim a bounty placed on his head by the Fel Empire. Mysteriously cut off from communications with this men and fleet, Hadrod did not expect to be defeated by the Hunters, but his final fate would be at the hands of three mysterious Droids who were hunting his combatants. Penetrating his defenses, the three droids fired precise blasts into Hadrod, damaging much of his internal organs and weakening him significantly, allowing the Hunters of the Noble Rose to finish him off before they were attacked by the Droids as well.

Darth Hadrod

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