Darth Ignix

Burn Baby Burn


A Sith Lady of terrifying continence, Darth Ignix enjoyed the pain and suffering caused by Fire, often spreading it with her squads of specially trained Pyro troopers, she would personally control the flame through the Force. In combat, she typically used the flame as her weapon, causing it to burst forward or pulling enemies into the fires she would spread. Her lightsaber was specially tuned to a weaker setting which would not fully cut and cauterize, but instead leave painful burning wounds to her foes.

Darth Ignix was one of two Sith Lords tasked with the genocide of the Mon Calamari fugitives reported to be hiding on the planet Sedri, where she encountered the Hunters of the Noble Rose. She found herself at a disadvantage in their first battle, and fled into the flames. While the Hunters later did battle against Darth Adesh, she reemerged in an attempt to even the odds, but despite their powerful abilities, the duo was still defeated by the Hunters.

Darth Ignix

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