Darth Shadrus

Horror from out of Time


Darth Shadrus was one of the long line of Sith Lords from long before the rise of Darth Sidious and his Galactic Empire. He spent much of his time involved in the study of the past, collecting information and lore of the ancient Sith within his own Holocron, in order to improve his own power as well as preserving the Sith’s ancient legacy. His greatest feat was the discovery of the Holocron fragments belonging to Darth Revan, which had been destroyed by Darth Bane when he learned the Thought Bomb technique. But the fragments led Darth Shadrus to another Temple on Dathomir, where another Thought Bomb was said to be hidden, one which could grant Shadrus incredible power. He apparently never found that power, for at some point, he secured his grasp on immortality by storing his essence within his holocron.

At some point, the Holocron of Darth Shadrus was broken, the base found its way into the collection of Kodagga the Hutt, and was being hunted by the Master in his own quest to find the Thought Bomb, while a key to the holocron was stored at the Jedi Archives on Ossus. Eventually the Holocron was recovered, repaired, and activated by the Master and left in his base on Ruuria when he departed for Dathomir.

Whole once again, over the months that followed Darth Shadrus built his strength up, his spirit gaining power to manipulate the Force from the holocron, able to hide its presence in the Force and make overt attacks, as happened with the death of Do-Gol Maguir, after failing to possess the young Padawan. Shadrus would eventually gain a physical form in Lord Morigis, who shattered the holocron, embedding its fragments within his forehead. But his new form was short lived, as the Hunters of the Noble Rose, with the help of Admiral Martell, destroyed the fragments and finally banished his spirit from the Force.

Darth Shadrus

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